Criss Angel might be a sexual predator

October 23rd, 2006 // 148 Comments




  1. HollyJ


  2. Nooken


    She’s the magician! She stole his sense of taste!

  3. Tracy

    She should keep him around… he makes her look normal.

  4. Nooken

    damn sign in! I would have been first.

  5. HollyJ

    Second too?!

  6. Nooken

    d’oh, I’m an idiot. She made his sense of taste… disappear. That’s what I meant. No seriously.

  7. HollyJ

    LOL! We were all scrambling for it like Michael Jackson after a 7-yr-old boy.

    • alleyiah

      that waz mean about wat u said about mj he waz not guilty of all charges and it didn’t even happen so shut up about it and let him rest in peace!!!!

  8. HollyJ

    Is it just me or is that last pic of Phyllis Diller?

  9. Celebs be carefull predator is out there…

  10. Norad

    Ummm, is it just me or does he appear to have a balloon animal for an ear in the first pic?

  11. lay off her, she’s mine ;)

  12. Am I supposed to know who that guy is?

  13. JoannieBalonie

    @ 10 – Daron, He is a magician isnt he? Is it too weird he carries around ballon animals?

  14. I’ve seen his work, but I don’t think he knows what he is in for. People have been trying to make herpes disappear for a long time now. I hear they always come back though. Maybe he’ll get mad afterwards and make her disappear for good, but then the Fish wouldn’t have anything to post about. Unless of course Madonna steals another jr spear chucker……..

  15. NipsyHustle

    she’s only using him to make her herpes disappear. but silly girl, nothing can take “the mark” away.

  16. BarbadoSlim

    This dooshbag is gonna find out how there are some tricks you can’t pull. Such as the lifelong effects from an encounter with patient herpes-zero here.

    HEY “MINDFREAK” you only get one penis, you should take better care of it.

    you’ve been warned

  17. Attention Fellow Fishys:
    This e-mail was just recieved by a fellow Fish poster.
    Does anybody know what it’s about? Not the obvious stuff!

    RE: The Madonna Adoption stuff – You and your little friends at Superficial need to top talking shit about black people. You think you’re nice and safe hiding behind anonymous screen names talking shit, but if you were real, you’d walk up to a black person and say that stuff in their face. See what would happen to you. You and all your little racist friends need to cut that shit out or stop being punk bitches and say that in the face of a black person and see how they set you straight. Now take my message and share it with the rest of the prejudice people at that site. Racist fuck.

    The Stool Pigeon

    This message was delivered from!
    Tell on a cheating girlfriend, rude co-worker, your friends or anyone just for fun. Try it now below.

  18. gatorbates

    He just makes his cock disappear inside all these whore’s cooters.

    Then he pulls out and magically cream rinses their face.

    Then sings, “Frosted Lucky Spooge. It’s magically delicious.”

  19. BarbadoSlim

    #17…it just warms my heart to see that our hatred has claimed another victim. Another excellent job, hi-fives and kudos all around.

    Remember fellow superfishers, let the hate flow thru you

  20. Italian Stallion

    @20 If you don’t like Will and Grace doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you, it means there is something wrong with Will!!! He’s a homosexual…….
    White Power……….
    Show us your face Clayton, don’t be afraid Mr. Bigsby, show us your face……….

    Anonymous pussy……….

  21. toxic psychosis

    I thought he was dating Minnie Driver? Oh well, guess he’s back to his usual type: blonde bimbos.

  22. pinky_nip


    “Why, why did you divorce your wife after all these years of marriage?”

    “Because she’s a nigger-lover.”

  23. knowhere

    is the the like magicician hypnotist guy? couldn’t he jedi mind trick real babes into pole dancing with him? it’s like the owner of ferrari taking a bike to work. take a cue from david copperfield, yo.

  24. Italian Stallion

    LOL @ 23…….I almost went there, don’t know why I held back this time……….

  25. mrs.t

    #17: the author of that note is clearly a new hybrid superdouche, created by carefully combining the chromosomes of Edna, DamnYELL, lamebananas, and SarahJean. And wasn’t there an asian person who was really pissed off a while back? Him too.

    So, anyway, what you do is you take a gook, a spic, a nigger, and a crazy, fat fuckin blue-eyed devil, stir gently, simmer, turkey-baste that shit up your ass and back out again (you can cancel your high-colonic this week!), put the mixture into a clay pot, bury it in the backyard for 2 months (just like kimchee!), and wait for a full moon. Only then can you unearth the vessel, crack the lid and run like a motherfucker, cuz the superdouche will need to be fed immediately and will report, kill, and devour the first sarcastic racist it lays eyes on.

  26. Oh Paris, come on, you can do better than THAT.

  27. Now that’s a sex tape to watch… Paris being set on fire and then dissapearing in the middle!

  28. BigJim

    What’s the definition of confusion?

    Father’s Day in a black neighborhood.

  29. #17,

    The funniest thing about that note is how racist the person who wrote it is against black people. They automatically ASSUME that some black guy or girl is going to give you a “Beat Down” Yeah, real nice, calling everybody on here racists then basically assuming that all black people are violent criminals not in control of themselves. I love stupidity.

    Oh, and as for Chriss Angel….am I supposed to know who the fuck this guy is?

  30. What day is Father’s Day in the projects??


  31. PrettyBaby

    Paris is utterly hilarious!! Any scummy,oily or grungy bastard is obviously bedroom material for her.

    But I do love to be whispered to real close like that…. Makes me feel all tingly allover….

  32. Criss Angel is a magician and has a show called “Mind Freak”. I think it’s on A&E.
    His magic is along the lines of David Blaine. Street magic with a flair toward the theatrical. He always dresses like a grease ball.
    That’s about all I’ve got.

    P.S. Angry Ferret is the coolest…

  33. BigJim

    And Embolism’s nose has ferret shit on it.

  34. bigponie

    it’s not hard to guess what these walking bacterias were probably saying…

    bacteria 1;
    so paris, do you like magic tricks, you wanna see how i make my dick disappear in your ass.

    hehehe, that’s my favorite trick in the whole world, about 1000 guys has already shown me that trick, the part I don’t get is how the cum shoots out of my mouth when they shoot it in my ass.

    ahhh, yeah, hahaha, well how bout I make my dick disappear in your mouth instead.

    ummm, okay but don’t think I’m easy.

  35. JohnniePolo

    Doug Henning never used to be all over slutty broads when he was alive. He wasn’t giving magicians a bad name! ‘Course his being a raging homosexual had a little something to do with it.
    p.s. …TCLTC too

  36. Aniram

    this is so the paris hilton IMPOSTER!!!! she is showing up everywhere. you can tell when it is her, cuz she looks a little cute.

  37. jamelah

    is #17 for real? someone please explain to me why this person is preaching on “just walking up to someone instead of hiding behind anonymous screen names” while using

  38. mrs.t

    #37: look again. that definitely looks like Paris’ hooked beak in pic #2.

  39. @34 Don’t make me angry BigJim.

    You won’t like me when I’m angry. :)

  40. biatcho

    #17 – Stool Pigeon = new politically correct term for Fags.

  41. He also “might” have herpes now

  42. BarbadoSlim

    As I sit here and watch Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror I, it all suddenly came together, Paris is not human she’s an alien creature here to infect us as part of a greater plan. She’s KANG!!

    or maybe Kodos

  43. RichPort

    Being a person of color, I shall now tell some of my favorite racist jokes:

    What is another word for cocoon?

    How do German kids tie their shoes?
    In little Nazis…

    What do you call hemmerhoids on a gay guy?
    Speed bumps

    Besides automatic, what two choices do Puerto Ricans have when choosing a new car?
    estick or estandard

    Why do Italians have moustaches?
    So they can look like their mothers

    What do you call a Irish homosexual?
    A Gaylick

    Oh, and for the record, I have nothing against white people… I think everyone should own at least one.

    I thought I had more… fuck… racial humor kills me. People that actually believe the shit is true deserve to be shot at close range with a Winchester. Or my enormous cock.

  44. #34 – BigJim, I’m going to keep this civilized.
    Have you ever been to the Ferrets site. It’s definitely a must see on the blogging trail.

  45. @44 – Now that’s some funny shit RichPort.

    What “of color” are you? :)

  46. BarbadoSlim

    hahahahaha, humor meets reality Rich, in Puerto Rico manual transmission cars are called “estandard” which is obviously some twisted-ass pronounciation of standard.


    I have responeded to you on my blog.


    FUCKO :P

  48. c

    Criss Angel has never impressed me with anything other than his creepiness. But if he pulls a disappearing act with Paris, then I’d be a fan!

  49. yuckyfresh




    paris hilton is sexually promiscuous!

    the horror.

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