Criss Angel is married, doesn’t care, dates Cameron Diaz

July 2nd, 2007 // 65 Comments

Turns out Mindfreak magician Criss Angel has been married for the past five years to a woman named Joanne Sarantakos, and the two kept their relationship a secret to increase Angel’s sex appeal (?) amongst fans. However, now the two are getting divorced, and Cameron Diaz is denying she had anything to do with their separation. A rep for Diaz tells People:

“When Cameron met Criss Angel in May of this year, he had been separated from his wife for over a year and she had already filed a petition to divorce him in 2006. Cameron and Criss went on only four dates over a month ago and have no current relationship.”

Sarantakos doesn’t care about any of these so called “facts” and is accusing Angel of mental cruelty and abandonment – as well as of having an affair with Diaz. Although all she really has to do is go to court and show the judge these pictures. She’ll be awarded all of his money and the judge will have Angel set on fire for medical safety purposes.


  1. Alastair


  2. uno


  3. NITN

    I like Turtles

  4. Rolando


  5. sourgrapes

    last!! sweet

  6. RUSerious?!?!?!

    Tools… All of you…

  7. elatedpornstar

    Diaz? Having to do with a separation?

    I don’t believe it. I refuse to give in to such ludicrous claims.

  8. Mr Fuckup


  9. mary

    Ehhh.. what’s the point of being married to a person like that? That’s just friggin yucky.

    “Honey.. I love you… but let me sleep with everyone else and deny that we’re married and y’know.. Get diseased and stuff..”

  10. MeatSack

    Now he can show us how to magically tap that ass…

  11. Kate

    Wow. Anyone visit I can’t stop cumming. And I’m a girl.

  12. Kamiki

    This guy looks like a diseased slut Paris Hilton is his match in heaven! YUCK ugly guy.

  13. hello kate

    like to fuck?

  14. LL

    Here’s a pretty obvious question, but fine, whatever: How do these people hook up with other celebrites and then have the gall to whine that the media follows them everywhere? The ratio of performers to regular people must be in the tens of thousands to one (ie, for every other “celebrity” you could hook up with, there are, say, 50,000 non-celebrities, at least, in the US), so I refuse to believe that Cameron couldn’t do better than a married magician. I know Superficial hates Diaz and loves to talk about how ugly she is (and she does have a frighteningly large mouth), but c’mon, she couldn’t find a nice stockbroker (if one exists) or lawyer or something? A guy who spells his name “Criss” is the best she can do?* Is life as a movie star really so insular and alienating that they really can’t mate with regular people? If so, I kinda feel sorry for them. Kinda. I’m not saying we should hold a telethon or anything, but still…

    * Having said this, and despite the Richie Sambora haircut, this Angel guy is not bad looking. Not Timberlake hot, but still doable… but then there’s the name, and that’s a dealbreaker for me.

  15. Kate

    I like to fuck.

  16. ssdd

    5 years!?!?!?…I really don’t feel sorry for his wife…she’s a DUMBass for tolerating this at ALL.

    He’s a big Loser with elementary gradeschool magic.

    Hey “mindfreak” ..make yourself disappear.

    • SRL

      how is he a loser with elementary school magic he hangs him self from freakin hellacopters by hookes that r stuck in his back and goges over freakin mountains. now tell me how that sounds like elementary school magic and if you dis like him so much then how cum you even what kind of magic he does in the first place. so explain to me everything that i just wrote

  17. Every time I see cameron Diaz I want to vomit at how lame she is …

  18. Miss_PMS

    For a second I thought I was looking at my mother’s old douche bag. But that’s back in Ohio.

  19. zippysweetcheeks

    what a sell out!
    I hope this guy dies from a sexually transmitted disease

  20. Miss_PMS

    #17 – Damn, Bern, that woman’s tits are so big I’m afraid she’s going to fall over and bust her face.

  21. MMMMMM....

    #11…..yummy….that’s hot!!!

  22. HankTheDwarf

    Anyone ever notice this fruit has one of the gayest yelling voices ever? Why does he keep yelling?


  23. wedgeone

    Fish – this news is SO this morning. I read the article and saw who her attorney was … Dominic Barbara. That fat slob that has been kissing Howard Stern’s ass and riding on his coattails for years.
    IIRC, Criss is a frequent guest of Howard’s show, so how awkward must that situation be?

    In other news, Cameron showed her magical talents by making Criss’ schwantz disappear into her mouth, all the while still speaking unobstructed English! AMAZING!!

  24. woodhorse

    Agree – it is hard to feel sorry for a bitch that agrees to get married but “not tell anybody”….

  25. Gregrie

    As long as he made his dick disappear in her I’m for it.. Kudos Chris.

  26. woodhorse

    He looks hot in this photo… too bad he’s an oportunistic douche

  27. Jimbo

    Does anyone care? I would rather see more tits

  28. Jillblondie

    Criss is hot! Good for him…he should spread his hotness all over the world!! Thank God it’s a story about someone besides Paris or Brit. THANK YOU FISH!

  29. GinnyPotter

    I think he is hot! His show sucks some MAJOR balls, but he’s still hot…

  30. he lookz like the
    son of Lucifer ????

  31. Jenna

    Well, I know it’s sad but since I do consider Cameron to be quite hideous recently (where have her “Mask” days gone and why) I was actually curious to see what his wife looks like.
    Here’s the link if anyone interested:,0,
    And one thing I cannot get is how he gets chicks at all? I mean he does tricks and all but walking on water got kinda old in the last 2000 years.

  32. lambman

    Ewww think of what Criss and Cameron’s kids would look like….her mouth with his hair

  33. Hecubus

    Ahhhhhh the link to the previous story about this guy, those were the good old days. This site was funny back then. Really read the Paris Hilton story then this, it’s like watching an old Simpsons then a new Simpsons back to back.

  34. Miss A

    I think he should do more tricks where he makes his shirt disappear…oh snap!

  35. Gringer76

    Wait a minute here! This so-called ‘wife’ of Criss Angel forgot one small detail…and then she (and everyone else) can stop hounding Ms. Cameron Diaz…ummm, Criss was pretty hot-n-heavy with Minnie Driver for a long time prior to Cameron! If his wife is blaming the affair with Cameron as part of her grounds for divorce, then she’s pretty stupid. He was with Minnie for a hell of a lot longer than he was ever with Cameron.

    Seems, this wifey of his needs to get her head unstuck out of her ass and see the facts for what they really are. Also, it’s pretty dumb on her part to blame anyone for an affair when the decision to keep their marriage secret was half hers.


  36. Italian Stallion

    He’s a pretty good magician, hopefully he can do something with her face………

  37. DaPee

    These pics won’t incriminate him. Paris actually seems more interested in the pole than his face. (Is this a first for her…ah, probably not?)

  38. miss oblivious

    My gaydar totally went off when I heard this guy talk. No matter how many wives, mistresses, etc…I still say this dudes flamin’. Kinda looks like it too.

  39. Rachel

    Criss angel is soo sexy
    i would be staying for the sex appeal too!

    but he is reallyyyy sexy.

  40. Hott zhit…the devilz kidz
    alwayz R…..!

  41. jrzmommy

    *rocking back and forth nervously*
    Please don’t let them make babies.
    Please don’t let them make babies.
    Please don’t let them make babies.
    Please don’t let them make babies.
    Please don’t let them make babies.
    Please don’t let them make babies.

  42. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    For his next trick he’s going to make me care.

  43. Julie

    Criss Angel is such a douche-bag!!!
    Married 5 years and kept it quiet so that he has a larger female fan base…NICE!
    My husband hates this little tool. He always tries to eat the camera, ass wipe.

  44. jrzmommy

    43–Jon Bon Jovi did it for years in the 80s.

  45. Lalaballsac

    I saw this tool in Vegas at the AVN awards. He was just standing there trying too look cool so people would photograph him wearing this big old stupid bandana.

    I was like “who is that? Tommy Lee?”

  46. Miley

    For those of you who don’t know. Criss and Joanne were seperated for OVER 1 year. But seeing some of you don’t pay attention.

    Plus Diaz was just a publicity stunt.

  47. Miley

    BTW Lalaballsac it wasn’t the AVN awards it was something before that. Criss had differnt hair.

    I pay attention to celeb news before you cmmnt you should know what your all talking about.

  48. Miley

    BTW Lalaballsac it wasn’t the AVN awards it was something before that. Criss had differnt hair.

    I pay attention to celeb news before you cmmnt you should know what your all talking about.

  49. Look folks, first and foremost, Criss is not a tool. He has been separated from his wife for almost a year. He didn’t want her in the picture because he works all the time. Before Criss and Joanne moved to Vegas Criss was a devoted husband, when they got to Vegas his life changed. He became famous, and very very busy. Ya’ll don’t understand the fact of what being famous can do to a relationship. People always prying into your lives, everyone has to know every single move you make. It was hard for him and Joanne, so he sent her back home to NY. I can not blame him one bit. Joanne has always been the jealous type anyways. If he wanted to cheat on her he would’ve done it back in the day. Joanne kinda gave up on him, so ya’ll need to get your shit and act together because until you know the whole story don’t go there. There are two sides you know… I don’t agree with Criss going and dating Paris or Minnie or Cameron for that matter but I am telling you now he is a grown ass man and he is gonna do what makes him happy. So just back off of him. Let him be happy. After all Joanne is the one who filed for divorce. Her LOSS!!!

    • Michelle Farrell

      hey leeanne Couldn’t agree with you more. Criss Angel is his own person and he should be able to go out with whom ever he wants to. It is none of anyones business whom he sees. I love him and respect his privacy. So you people who want to get on top of him should lay off and leave him alone. Michelle Farrell


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