Criss Angel & Holly Madison starting to remind me of another couple I know…

November 7th, 2008 // 66 Comments

Criss Angel and Holly Madison attended the Vegas premiere of Repo! The Genetic Opera last night, and wait a goddamn minute. Ha! It all makes sense now:

Blonde with plastic tits? Check.
Walking bag of douche? Check.
Retarded poses? Check.

Anyone else see what’s going on here? I’ve said some horrible shit on this site, but nothing will prepare you for this:
Criss Angel and Holly Madison are the new Heidi & Spencer.


Seriously, there’s no coming back from an insult like that. If someone called me and my significant other the Ass Twins, I’d jump in a woodchipper and hope to God migrant workers lit my remains on fire. (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, get your ass to Home Depot, Criss Angel.)

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. TRUE, tommy lee is a FAGGOT too, folks!!

  2. bubba

    Everything about this guy screams douchebag. Especially the accessories.

  3. ok...

    i thought you were gonna say Pam and Tommy too…though Pamela Anderson has something hot about her…maybe i have a girl crush on her…Holly just dated an eighty two year old….yep. Nothin’ spesh just incontinence and prune juice.

  4. Hey

    I think now is the time for a douche off to see who the biggest douche is.

  5. Clem

    This is guy is a total twat. End of.

  6. Drea

    I definitely second #54, especially if it involves a cage and chainsaws. The real win-win situation would be a tie…

  7. I think Kendra is the hottest but i’m glad that they all are moving on. Hef didn’t want any more kids.

  8. pollyt

    The new Pam and Tommy !!!!

  9. katieboo

    ohhhhhhhh gawd…i gotta puke. WTF is she thinking……….

  10. tori

    I have no prob with Holly and Criss dating but Criss is a fame whore. Don’t get me wrong, I respect him as a magician and performer but Jesus Christ can you be a bit more low key? Criss is too much of a fame whore and Holly needs to be more discreet and respect Hef who made her who she is. GET A CLUE.

  11. Charlotte

    Look at the close ups of Hollys face… you can see white clumps in her nose. Coke Head!!!

  12. tasha wojo

    i think they look good together and good on her for being happy … all the best to the both of you

  13. Sabrina

    I think that this may just be a publicity stunt as mentioned.

    The original pics “feel” as if they are saying “I can’t believe I am standing here with this person.”

    I agree with the assessment that this is just to bring attention to BeLIEve.

    Holly is a whore and JD and Costa and his mother don’t deserve this TRASH in their life.

    HE is back to dressy badly….I hate the bling, it makes him look sleezy.

    She is so fake with the hair and boobs and probably more.

    I hope he looses her soon.

    I have changed Papa Roaches song “Hollywood Whore” to say “Holly’s a whore, she down on the floor, I’m sorry but the party’s over.” IT is sOOOOOO her…lol.

    Criss needs an image make over to bring GOOD PRESS to him and his show otherwise he will be going down.

    HE is great at what he does but having this “Porcupine” (love that comment from above) at his side is just pricking him and making things worse….I can just image JD’s face when she is around….JD is religious and a good guy, a very good soul.. I feel sad for the Sarantakos name…..Criss, ditch the B*tch.

    SO, how many times does 80 go into 28?

  14. Mia

    i love her shoes….

    and her awesome tan lines to match.

  15. darling

    seriously, who could put “classy” and “Holly” in the same sentence. anyone who is in playboy generally has a rep thats the opposite of classy.

  16. Heather

    I like Criss and watch his show, but when I heard he was with Holly I couldn’t believe it! For some reason I have a bad feeling about her. Maybe it’s because she dated and tried to have a baby with a 90 something year old man!!! I just hope he loses her soon and gets a classy woman.

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