Criss Angel slums it in Mexico

July 17th, 2009 // 242 Comments

Here’s Criss Angel and his new “girlfriend” in Mexico yesterday, and I love how Criss, who’s typically dressed to the nines as some form of magic goth/emo douche, lounges around with his gut hanging out while texting on his BlackBerry. In daylight. Quick, someone confiscate his black nail polish. He’s not sad and tortured inside.

NOTE: When I said “girlfriend” earlier obviously I meant prostitute. Just so we’re clear.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Is Criss Angel Really Gay?

    Since he flaunted that bimbo trash Holly Ho Madison you never heard of him with another female except for that kid from his show Sandra. My thinking is either he is very much in love with that kid (who looks more like his daughter then a real woman) or he is gay and Sandra is a cover up.

  2. Casey

    Sandra wasn’t able to go with Criss this time to Mexico. She had a conflict with her school. So Sandra stayed in School (let’s not forgot she is a KID) and Criss went off with his buddies.

  3. Gail Foster

    Is that the maid for the suite that Criss has?

  4. Elliot Walsh

    Wow that is one skinny skinny skinny girl. Doesn’t she eat? She looks like a Q-tip with fuzz for hair.

  5. Queen of Hearts
    Watch this and listen @ 9:20. Criss actually knew this child since she was in diapers. She’s the little adopted sister of his oldest brother,JD’s wife.

  6. josie

    how can any of u say this crap about him all u guys r are haters!

  7. Queen of Hearts

    Criss admits to having sex with thiis child when she was 15 years old. That would have been when he was 38 and still married. He is guilty of statutory rape and adultery. All of these facts are merely the tip of an enormous iceberg. The ugly truth does not make me a hater, merely a disgusted morally sound individual. His father and my Father in Heaven are equally disgusted. WORD!!!

  8. Doug

    Hey leave the chick alone. So what Criss is 43 years old and she is 17 years old. You know what this relationship is about.

    She wants her Daddy.

  9. You Go Girl

    Hey Sandra you go girl. Don’t listern to the negative comments. You hold on to your Sugar Daddy as long as you can.

  10. Carol


    Didn’t Criss say the same thing “love of my life” when he was dating, Holly, and Veronica?

    I thought for sure the way he spoke about Holly Madison that she was really his true love and yet little girl Sandra watch all these girls with him because she works for Criss.

    Sandra isn’t to bright is she? Maturity will change her.

    • sara

      Lots of fans waited for this launch only to have this kid crammed down their throats..people are disappointed. can you blame them? it’s hard to look at him with this kid. it doesn’t look right. and she’s not attractive bless her. i hope he finds a woman with life experience that has something to offer him…who isn’t too young, has a mind of her own and musn’t be “kept” …and yes he has said “love of my life” about other women. this little girl does seems very naive and insecure indeed. criss has always said even up to two weeks ago he is married to his career and he don’t have time to give relationships. he doesn’t do much to dispel rumors when asked about other women too. criss we love you, but folks you can’t call other folks haters and unsupportive when it’s constantly misrepresented to the public and is constantly like “wtf?” you want it out there but nobody can say anything?? really?? not trying to be negative but it is what it is.

  11. Just Curious

    Is Sandra really only 21 years old?

  12. sara

    he gave her a cushy “merch job” at apwi :/

  13. Ronnie

    When will Criss Angel stop dating these teenaged girls.

  14. Mike

    He revealed her at his party last week. Looks like they might be getting hitched. He finally realized he loved her after all.

  15. Queen of Hearts

    CA in a nut shell / Psalm 52:3

  16. Las Vegas Lady

    Age is just a number. It isn’t that Sandra is only 22 years old it is that she is a very young 22 year old girl. I saw a recent video on with Criss and Sandra and the way Sandra speaks and carries herself is a very young not experienced girl.

    Some 22 year old girls carry themselves well. Sandra doesn’t she speaks and appears much younger. If I didn’t know her age I would take her for a 16 or 17 year old.

  17. Maxus

    Chris will be 44 years old, and Sandra not beautiful the 22 year teenager, clings to the adult men. It is vile. Somewhere heard that she acts in film in a pornography.

  18. Marty

    I don’t get the point of this! He is on vacation so sure he’s gonna dress however he feels like. Everyone needs sometime off sometime. Criss trains like a maniac when his stunts demand great physical strength, right now he’s taken time out to relax. Criss spends more time training than most of you do living. And he has never proclaimed himself as someone who is sad and tortured inside, just people’s misunderstood perception. And love is love, there’s tons of examples where love flourishes despite the age gap.

  19. Adam Graf

    Wow you dirty old man Criss you are dating one of your Niece’s girlfriends. Gotta love it.

    As sick as it looks I love it.

  20. I Bet

    Sandra is a young kid who I am sure wasn’t raise with money. She is 22 years old. Working for Criss is most likely her fist job. The girl has it made!!!.

    At the age of 22 she lives in a beautiful castle with her sugar daddy of her own and works for him. (sounds like a Holly Madison/Hugh Heffner deal).

    I bet while on their romantic vacation in Mexico (which sugar daddy is paying for) she gets knocked up to keep her place in life.

  21. Genrie

    Sandra spoils Criss reputation. He the adult man, and Sandra revels in the power over him, the prostitute from a slum has artful mind. It is disgusting. Sandra looks as the underdeveloped maid who death grip has stuck into Criss. He blinded by sex, it’s not love. The love it comes at once, instead of in 4 years. All its women were to it under the status. And Sandra spoils to him reputation, and Criss with it looks bad, Sandra to not pair Criss!

  22. A Mom

    As a mother of a 24 year old girl I think Sandra’s parents should be ashamed. Any middle age man dating a 22 young girl is a PEDIFILE.

  23. I Bet

    Criss I see Sandra in the background with you in Mexico. Is that Sandra’s family?

  24. Gerri

    Hmmmm Criss dating a girl 22 years YOUNGER then him. I can’t wait see how he feels when his Niece wants to date a man who is old enough to be her DADDY also.

  25. Wondering

    Sandra is such a kid. I wonder what it is like for Criss Angel when he is in a mature social situation and he has his kid girlfriend with him. How can she possibly join in the conversation when she has NO life experience yet.

    Do you think he get uncomfortable? Feels alittle bit like a fool?

  26. Yikes

    If I was Sandra I would worry about this relationship. When she was 17 years old he was just getting out of a marriage and Sandra was there to fool around with. Then he dumped her to date that beautiful girl Veronica Grabowski. When that broke off it was back to little Sandra aways around waiting around. Then there was Giselle Diaz and guess what little Sandra was dumped again. When that ended little Sandra was there waiting again. Then there was Holly Madison who was also “the love of Criss life” and after they broke off – guess what he went back to little Sandra.

    I wonder what is going to happen to little Sandra when a mature adult catches his eye again. I guess little Sandra won’t care at that point she will take him for all the money he has and this time dump his ass. That is if she finally wakes up and grows up.

  27. Samantha from Las Vegas

    I know Criss Angel doesn’t care but I wonder if he is aware of all the people he turned off by dating Sandra. Not out of jealously but out of lost of respect. He looks totally out of place with Sandra. He is a middle age man and it is obvious what a young kid she still is. I bet she hangs with his Neice and her friends. She is more their age.

    His fans on his site say how wonderful it is BUT don’t say the same off his site.

    He is a smart man I don’t see how he can’t see it.

  28. Kathy Event

    Where is Criss Angel’s family? Did they leave Las Vegas? I used to love to see Criss with his family especially his Mom. Now all I see on his twitter is his future child bride and her spanish family.

    I hope he didn’t turn his back on his family and took on Sandra’s family.

    BTW did you notice Criss is about the same age as Sandra’s Dad.


    I still believe that Criss Angel will be strong enough to get over this 21 year old girl and move on with a real relationship with a real woman.

    I am hoping it is just a mid-life crisis for him and he wakes up soon and sees what we all in see in the funny looking romance.

  30. Elliot

    Criss Angel girl Sandy is a funny looking girl.

    She has the boobs of a woman but it is obvious she is still a little girl.

  31. Just an FYI, My friend is not a prostitute. She is a very respectable, gracious and amazing woman and a great friend of mine. That just shows how people these days envy’s others and talk crap about them because they wanna be in there spots.

  32. Sad truth

    Sad truth things seem to have gone downhill for Criss since being with (engaged to) Sandra.

  33. Joyce

    Makes you wonder what a 44 year old man is doing engaged to a girl only 3 years out of high school. I don’t think he can handle a mature thinking female. Sandra is a young kid who probably has no clue yet what she wants to do with her life when she grows up so for now she will be his stepford girl/furture bride.

  34. Ashes to Ashes

    Too bad Cirque is stuck with this schmuck.

  35. Dan
    Commented on this photo:

    It is obvious Sandra has “daddy issues”.

    Maybe her father wasn’t around for Sandra and Criss fills the need of a “dad”.

  36. Knows the Truth

    Just because he is rich and famous (all due to one other’s brilliant mind whom he has betrayed) does not not make him a child molesting criminal. Dave Baram, his manager and Harvard law graduate, knows that Criss is guilty of this crime along with countless others. Some say that money can’t buy love. I beLIEve that this child’s love has been purchased with a wealth of grooming and brainwashing, and probably even threats. After all, it fits the profile.


  38. Aireona
    Commented on this photo:

    I donno the man looks happy and he kinda loves black so I’m not surprised that’s what he decided to wear. As far as the whole “gut” situation maybe he had an amazing dinner.
    Pretty sure a lot of people who have had a good meal sat back and relaxed while allowing their stomach to go back to it’s normal size. I think his girlfriend is beautiful she looks a lot like a black woman to me nevertheless they are comfortable and happy.

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