Criss Angel behind Pamela Anderson’s almost-divorce

Everyone’s favorite douchebag magician Criss Angel was the spark that ignited the near-divorce between Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon, according to Page Six:

Spies in Las Vegas say Anderson spent Dec. 8, the night before her final performance with magician Hans Klok, “cozying up to” publicity-loving illusionist Criss Angel at club LAX. Pictures were taken, gossip was spread – and Salomon “hit the roof when he found out Pam was hanging out with Criss while he was off at a poker tournament. They had a huge fight.”

It’s sad Criss Angel got stuck in the middle of Pam and Rick’s doomed-from-the-start marriage. I actually respect Criss. He’s the only guy who realizes you need to wear two jackets to get laid in this town. One time I wore three jackets to a club then passed out from heat exhaustion. That did not get me laid. Unless you count the tray of drinks I landed on. In which case, it was a four-way.

Photos: Getty Images