Criss Angel behind Pamela Anderson’s almost-divorce

December 21st, 2007 // 85 Comments

Everyone’s favorite douchebag magician Criss Angel was the spark that ignited the near-divorce between Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon, according to Page Six:

Spies in Las Vegas say Anderson spent Dec. 8, the night before her final performance with magician Hans Klok, “cozying up to” publicity-loving illusionist Criss Angel at club LAX. Pictures were taken, gossip was spread – and Salomon “hit the roof when he found out Pam was hanging out with Criss while he was off at a poker tournament. They had a huge fight.”

It’s sad Criss Angel got stuck in the middle of Pam and Rick’s doomed-from-the-start marriage. I actually respect Criss. He’s the only guy who realizes you need to wear two jackets to get laid in this town. One time I wore three jackets to a club then passed out from heat exhaustion. That did not get me laid. Unless you count the tray of drinks I landed on. In which case, it was a four-way.

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  1. Gerald_Tarrant

    Hmmmm, he wanted to use Pamela as a new beard? If he’s not a flaming homo then my gaydar needs to be recalibrated.

  2. Sandy

    This guy looks like such a dork…I don’t really understand why he keeps getting all these women.

  3. shanipie

    What a dirty unwahsed peice of shit this guy looks like. Why do we allow people like this to live on American Soil. I can’t wait till I am the dictator of this country. I will give people a hygiene test, and inteligence test, and an attitude test and decide who gets to live based on their results.

    Yes, totally sick of this loser, maybe he’ll get Cancer.

  4. Mega douche. of the highest caliber

  5. Racer X

    Phony who uses camera cuts when he does his tricks.

    /watch one episode of his show
    //it SUCKED!

  6. Conscience Found

    Judge not lest ye be judged.

    all of you.

    you make me sick

  7. kirsten dunst

    funniest shit i’ve heard all day. i’d pay to see the trick where he attempts to reattach his rotted off penis.

  8. WhyDoesThisMatter

    Isn’t a little useless to blame Criss Angel when Pamela would sleep with a farting gorilla if it smiled at her. She has a constant need for sexual attention from anyone/anything. Not the dudes fault.

  9. Jodi

    So CONSCIENCE FOUND, you enjoy my ass last night?

  10. #6, thanks again for turning off the caps. It shows you are only somewhat retarded. I actually read your comment this time. STOP JUDGING ME!!!

    Fucking hypocrite…ANYWHO……..

    I had a dream about Criss a few weeks ago, he was such a nice guy!!! What a weird thing to dream about. The guy looks like a confused 13 year old..

    Ok, I have a stupid question I need to ask. It’s been a while so I can’t remember details. So was it Saloman who made the Paris sex tape, and if so was he IN it too? I’ll tell you why I was wondering that in a sec..

  11. p0nk

    37lbs of bling doesn’t hide slovenly.

  12. Conscience Found

    in Jodi’s Butt I shot My Nutt
    If You would judge me butt butt butt
    It was Jodi who invited
    Me to Butt Fuk

  13. Gerald_Tarrant

    #10 – Yep, that was the Rickster in the first Paris video.

  14. holla@meh

    #10. yes paris hilton’s sex tape was with herself and rick solomon

  15. pawelo

    He has pretty Haircut

  16. Conscience Found




  17. shanipie

    Conscience Found, why are you here? Go preach somewhere else…no one here cares.

  18. shanipie

    Conscience Found, why are you here? Go preach somewhere else…no one here cares.

  19. havoc

    Hey Criss….next time, take one step closer to that bar of soap.



  20. BunnyButt

    #6, as usual, not following you’re own advice.

  21. BunnyButt

    That should be “your own advice” …

  22. BunnyButt

    That should be “your own advice” …

  23. kirsten dunst

    bawka bawka boo hoo


    I love Chrissy! I also love to receive spam offers for medications and and bank loans. Oops, I digress. Chris is an angel.

  25. Auntie Kryst

    Why is this tard famous? He’s a fucking magician, they’re all complete douchebags. Criss (even his name is fucking stupid) reminds me of those magician assholes that bother people at bars. They break into your conversations and do some fucked up slight of hand or card trick then beg for a couple of dollars. Man I hate those pukes.

    PS #6 pride is the worst of the seven deadly sins. Go repent, or fuck off, your choice.

  26. Auntie, I know what you mean, that happens to me all the time except their slight of hand always seems to wind up on my ass….

    Or maybe they are just trying to steal my wallet…


    Please don’t harsh on him. Does anyone want to start a new fanclub? Send me a message and let’s discuss.

  28. Gerald_Tarrant

    #26 – You’re a chick, why would someone want to steal your wallet? Why would you have money? For that reason why would you even be out of the kitchen? No, having babies don’t count, that’s why there is a kitchen table/birthing bed.

  29. veggi

    16- ok! Lets see. I’m hung over….. I have family coming into town tonight and my house is not clean enough….. I have laundry in the dryer that I don’t want to fold. I hate people that stand too close to me. My skin sometimes gets dry during the winter…. I need new shoes…. I wish my nails would grow faster….I’m not very good at cooking steak, cause I don’t eat it……

    bored yet?

    Yeah, me too….. my personal problems are so….. not very problem-ish..

  30. Starchasm

    I’d hit it.

    If he took off all that friggin’ jewelry. Otherwise it’d be like rolling around in a rock tumbler.

  31. wowzers

    I love Kris…he is soo freakin sexy….love his clothing style….yup he’s smokin…..

  32. Ript1&0

    Wait. THIS guy?!?! THIS is the guy that broke up her marriage?! Mr. Hardcore Double Diamond Handcuff necklace? Pammy, those handcuffs from Hot Topic don’t actually work, I don’t know if you knew that. They’re pretend.

    Who know like, fake. Like all the poser douches you’ve ever gotten with.

  33. JustSayin

    @28 – I like Frist she is sweet in a slightly off kilter kind of way. That said, I think your retort was great. Please forgive me Frist.

  34. whatever

    FAKE! – the thought that comes to mind every time I see this asshat of magic.

  35. D. Richards (Whore.)

    Oh, jesus.. There’s nothing lamer than a middle-aged magician. Wait, is that? I think it is! Look at the ‘bling’! Yeah. Jewelry makes you so cool, Criss! Agh. Maybe you could fit a couple more rings on those fag-illusionist fingers.

    Also, Hot-Topic is the place for a forty year-old man to shop. More dragons, man! Everybody knows that, right? Criss is forty years old. Hardcore.

    You know that you’ve hit rock bottom as a man when you’re furious about some fucking magician stealing your woman away. Go, Saloman.

  36. Gerald_Tarrant

    I like veggi’s idea.

    #16 – I have only rubbed one off today, although it was at work, so maybe that counts as 1.5. I won’t get to shake hands with Abraham Lincoln again until tomorrow because of unwelcome house guests. That’s about the only problem I have. Some people have circulatory problems, mine are generally mastubatory.

  37. MindRiot

    attention whore. Man he is painful to look at. He looks pretty fucked up in these pics.

  38. big teeth

    A ring on every finger? What a giant tool..

  39. survey sez


    he keeps getting all the women because women love money and confidence. he has both

  40. Lowered Expectations

    Pam’s standards are low and declining fast. I think I have a shot.

    Looking at Cris Poseur’s jewelry I think he is the only guy over 15 to have ever purchased those items. The pinky ring is free if you buy a Wham! album online.

  41. Gerald_Tarrant

    #33 – Don’t get me wrong, I love Frist, she’s seksi.

  42. Oh, that was funny! Kitchen table/birthing bed….you crack me up!

    #33 I take “slightly” off kilter as a compliment, so thanks..

    FUCK!!! when is that biznatch going to fax me the order, once I get it in my hot little hands and fax it to our client I get to go home for 4 days!!! How the fuck long does it take to make a cover sheet for the love of god, call yourself a professional? IT ONLY TAKES ME LIKE 30 SECONDS!!!!!!~!

    Sorry, I wanna go home..

  43. Pam'sPussyClogsPlumbing

    So are Cris’s pointy fingers a penis substitute?

  44. who cares about her divorce? her divorce is like me eating rice everyday.

  45. spaceyQ

    This tool will be husband # 5… or whatever number Pammy’s onto now. I lost count.

  46. Dorito man

    Criss looks like a little faggot. pillow biter.

  47. put the ugly people in the back

    This guy is SO over compesating for something. BLEH. I don’t know any women who wear even half that much jewellery. Houdini must be spinning in his grave knowing this tool and that douche David Coppafeel are the faces or rather asses of magic in the 21st century.

  48. put the ugly people in the back

    I bet he’s really good at making penises disappear.

    Also please tell me where he shops to get this look? Really who sells shit like this and how can we get them to stop. He looks like some kind of the deranged meterosexual heavy metal listening cock loving biker or the short term; Richie Sambora only gayer (if possible*scrolls up to see Mr. Magic again, yep it’s possible).

    Are those rings gifts from his fans, I can just picture a croud of assless chapped fans throwing their cockrings on stage. It’s like throwing roses at the ice capades, only gayer (if possible *scrolls up to see Mr. Magic again, yep it’s possible). Or maybe all those rings are from his various commitment ceremonies who says you can’t be a gay polygamist. Infact you could get
    away with it much more easily than the striaght poly’s cause the gov ain’t touching that shit. They’ just sweep it under the big rug of America and pretend it doesn’t exist like a Mom with a drug addicted teenager, or like Britney’s Mom does with every iota of reality she can’t face.

  49. Avery

    I thinks he is so cute. All of the men here are just jealous of him. If I was single, I would go out with him in a second if he asked me.

  50. adeliza

    “Ritchie Sambora, only gayer”.

    NICE!!!!!! heh heh!

    “I can just picture a croud of assless chapped fans throwing their cockrings on stage”
    Even better!!!!
    But, you could have thrown a David Lee Roth comment in there to make the milk come up my nose when I laughed just now!

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