Crazy Britney rears its head and other news

March 19th, 2010 // 62 Comments

- Katherine Heigl blows a chance to remain relevant. [Dlisted]

- George Clooney voted for Jeff Bridges at the Oscars. [Lainey Gossip]

- Kim Kardashian still a ninja at stealthing body fat. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Cindy Margolis is apparently still alive. And breasty. [HollywoodTuna]

- Demi Moore saves another life on Twitter even though I’m pretty sure if you’re self-absorbed enough to tweet your suicide attempt, you’re probably not gonna follow through on it. [PopEater]

- Madonna wore that dress for Lindsay Lohan. I guarantee it. [TheFABlife]

- Sandra Bullock might’ve had suspicions during the Oscars. [Huffington Post]

- Anne Nicole Smith’s estate denied oil fortune. Does no one respect an honest day’s gold-digging anymore? C’mon. [StarPulse]

- Jessica Simpson has the same success on TV as she does in movies. (Hint: None.) [Celebslam]

- Jesse James has no problem showing his face. [PopSugar]

- Hugh Jackman dancing for iced tea. Why not? [Just Jared]

- Lindsay Lohan spins getting turned away at a nightclub by comparing herself to Jay-Z. [The Blemish]

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  1. Michael Lohan

    I would like to wear her ass as a hat.

  2. Sport

    I know how to dress and take care of myself.
    Love it – welcome back Batshit Crazy Baglady.

  3. Courtyardpigeon

    With all that money and she can’t afford a mirror. Shame.

  4. gen

    What the hell is her problem!?! She has so much natural beauty and its like she goes out and does her best to drown it under fat, bad hair, and ugly clothes. What an idiot. What a waste.

  5. uncle Rough

    I heard Clooney’s “classy image” make Sandra Bullock sicker than hearing the name Bombshell McGee.

  6. oh i know

    uh oh, pull up a chair, grab me a beer and pop some corn; “Batshit Crazy Britney– the Sequel” is about to begin!!

  7. QueLastima

    Klassy price tag on shirt and extensions painfully conspicuous in last pic.

  8. turd da third

    Well at least her crotch is covered,, its a step forward for her, now all she needs to do is get a nipple job

  9. Randal

    Even your attempts at looking run down brings out your originality and creativity, Britney. I adore the new look you’ve adopted for yourself because there isn’t any other celebrity right now who is making claim to it.

    That’s one of many reason you’ll continue to stand out from the crowd.


  10. Harry Doyle


  11. Fuxyslot

    QueLastima, no kidding. I felt bad for her in that last pic. What kind of world am I in where I could feel bad for a bajillionaire?

  12. Your Boss

    I used to think “I would fuck that!”

    Now I just think “I’m going to need an old priest and a young priest”.

    Brittany, welcome back to the trailer park.

  13. Anne Boolean

    She’s vying for a roll as an Elizabethan page.

  14. Even your attempts at looking run down brings out your originality and creativity,

  15. Rasputins Liver


    Could the world be so lucky as to get our beloved 5150 Brit back?!


    Oh, Lord. I pray thee that thou wouldst show mercy upon your humble creations and once again grace us with the trainwreck of all Hollywood tranwrecks, Britney “Hey, Y’all! I Founded Muh Pink Wig! Oh Blimey!” Spears.


    That country-ghetto broad’s really gotta get a move on to get some fine crazy ass action goin’ for us to while away the dog days of summer with. Hope the tabloids’re payin’ attention here.


    Hey, somebody’s gotta get Daddy Spears distracted so Britney can really let her freakazoid flag fly, man. It just hasn’t been the same without the daily reports of her losing her marble (not marbles as that would assume she had more than one).


    Fish. If you all there have anything you can do to get this show on the damned road, make it happen, buddy! You know damned well it’d sure be a celeb bloggers dream come true if Pink Wigged Britney came back in full force again. Get on it, Fishy.


  16. Rasputins Liver


    By the way. That crazy bitch looks as country-ghetto tacky as ever.


    Maybe Britney’s gonna make our summer a good one yet.


    Keep a bambulance at the ready, LA. Could always hope that by late August, early September you’ll be on a 5150 mission to the Spears house again!


  17. mo

    I like how her tag is sticking out of her clothes and her upward do shows she has a weave…. a really bad weave.

  18. captain america

    …………being BALD is her game!!

  19. Blah

    God dam that bitch would stink. Looks like she doesn’t shower, black leggings on a sunny warm day…. geezzz, that’s an awful lotta god dam stank!

  20. Dread not

    It’s easy to be “creative” when all the voices in her head are jockeying for dominant position.

    Voice #1 “Wear pantyhose!”

    Voice #2 “No, no, wear a wife beater!”

    Voice #3 “Punch two holes in a shower cap and wear them as booty shorts!”

    Or maybe it’s one voice and Brit Brit is channeling Jackson Pollack. Keep the cameras clicking, ’cause crotch shots are back in play in the near future.

  21. HearingVoices

    Since she is crazy, she can dress as she pleased with any hairdo to stand out of the crowd, otherwise you have no story to write! She is “hearing voices again” like in 2007, and crazy people don’t know how to kill themselves unless being assisted like chasing her car to beat traffic light, chased up a cliff, punctuated the tire, mentally abused in a court room, mentally abused even in shopping center, spa, Starbucks, petrol kiosk, isolated without any friends because any acquaintances will be issued with court summon to sell their story? Didn’t they also prepared a coffin-like vehicle for her? When death occurs, it must be she is “hearing voices asking her to drive over the cliff”, so everyone get off scot-free for assisting in DEATH THREAT?

    Preparation of legal will all in place – for those “poor kids”, who are now very safe from their mentally intoxicated mum, very safe being dumped to stepmother, very safe with nannies, bg, with a father who never home, pretending to be working, providing NOTHING for kids, still toggling with first ex-wife, seek pity to show the court they having great relationship, collaborated to take vengeance and legally extort to live off a mentally ill woman?

    Tiger has to pay high class $500 whore to enjoy with his own hard earned money and got punish, locked in sex therapy rehab? Kfed had his lawyer, judge, tabloid, parent-in-laws. first ex, licked his ass, provided for him to pay $10 “average looking woman” whore to act as stepmother to kids to qualify a “better parent”? Imagine lawyers demanding a mentally ill ex-spouse to provide for “the better parent” to f–k with more women without the need to be locked up in a sex rehab center? Who’s the greater man for these American men to idolize?

  22. Nero

    Instead of the usual frappucino water? Is there something wrong?

  23. Darth

    Holy Mary! That looks like a sunny day over there!

  24. Trailer trash. People don’t know that the set of “My Name is Earl” is actually her ‘hood.

    I’ll bet her crotch smells like fish steaks in hot mustard.

  25. tony

    Natural beauty my ass. She is butt ugly. Fake hair, fake tits, fake tan. Nothing natural about this skank.

  26. Luli

    She still has the tank top tag attached!!

  27. Crazy Train! All Aboard!

    Did Lindsay Lohan get caught at the metal detector? She’s always got her Glock.

  28. vagina_man

    can you imagine the heat generated between those thighs with that materai rubbing causing friction build up, but wait she has skanky grease up there from a lack of baths.

  29. Angel

    Sometimes I almost feel sorry for her, and then I think nah.

  30. I think my gay, rich, old Uncle has a shirt similar to the print and material as Britney’s shorts…HAHA

  31. me

    Not that this post even matters, but it seems maybe she’s getting depressed because she doesn’t have much to do. I know I get down in the dumps once in a while, and what pulls me out is feeling useful and doing something. All she has to do in life is go shopping. She doesn’t have to TRY at anything, and it is obviously bringing her down. Yeah, so oh well. Go Britney.

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  37. Brit continues to amaze with her ravishing beauty and style that shines above all those who want to bring her down! The black tights are perfect for containing those pesky discharges from pus pockets caused by her wonderful festering clap! The lovely boots serve to trap what may seep to the bottom, including doo-doo or tinkle, should the mood strike her! She is just too stylish to use a public toilet! No more going barefoot in truck-stop shitters for her!
    Keeping the wallet out is a bold and beautiful move – it compliments the JBF hair and trailer park-chic halfway worn nail polish, and the wife-beater w no bra underneath just screams “World: I own you! My ravaged milk sacs will forever point to the floor…MEH!”


  38. Kelley

    Jesus ! Those extensions from the back are painful to look at !! Yikes …

  39. Nikki

    o.m.g. LEAVE THIS POOR GIRL ALONE. she is a HUMAN under pressure and yes, she makes mistakes.just like every other freakin person in the world. people need to back off and take a major chill pill when it comes to slip ups and wardrobe malfunctions. would you want your embarrassing moments to end up in magazines all over the country. Give Britney a BREAK!!!!!!!!

  40. Nikki

    o.m.g. LEAVE THE POOR GIRL ALONE. she is a HUMAN under pressure and yes, she makes mistakes.just like every other freakin person in the world. everyone needs to back off and find something better to do than bash strangers for entertainment. they are people too but whenever they mess up it is published in magazines all over the country. think of your most embarassing moment ever, not picture it on the cover of some magazine saying what a loser you are…comforting isn’t it? Give Britney a BREAK!!!!!!!!

  41. @42, 43 um yeah, she kinda brings it on herself. If she didn’t want the free publicity, she’d move away from lala land. DUH.
    She’s a revoting rednecky druggie, with moderate talent. Deal with it, sweetie.

  42. mafme

    All things being equal, I would fuck her wheels off.

  43. She couldn’t care less what I think.

  44. I don’t know what am I suppose to say after looking these scary pics. I don’t know what is happening to her but she is looking like a whore in that funny costumes and makeup . I think now she is becoming mentally ill day by day .

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  46. gorgeous

    Has no one else noticed the gorgeous salesgirl in the last pic?

  47. captain america


  48. She is beautifull, do you remember ” The friends forever” , and the her songs too. But I remember all, She`s the WOMAN

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