1. garret

    A guy dressed like that is alone on his birthday? I think there is some hope left in this world after all…

  2. Eric

    Good old Stain Cook.

  3. mos rough

    Annoying but not funny and will always keep it safe, hmmm

    Hey I got the new spokesman for Aflack!

  4. dontlooknow

    Remember that term “Eraser-head”?…

  5. Must be French Stewart Friday at the Tao.

  6. SuperT

    Damn, Fire Marshall Bill is looking pretty good.

  7. jenn t

    is Vanilla Ice trying to make a comeback?

  8. ick-abod

    Who the F converts anal beads into a necklace?

  9. justuhbill

    Dane Cook stole Zach Galifianakis’ Mr. T haircut now? Jesus, is there anything he won’t steal from another comedian?

  10. know nothings

    I miss Bill Hicks.

  11. Jack

    “Hey everybody, guess I’d better “throw in the Tao”!! Get it? Tao? Ha haha….ha…heh….why are you booing?”

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