Courtney Love used to have sex with Edward Norton

January 5th, 2009 // 57 Comments

These are not shots of Courtney Love on the set of her new movie Flapper Girl: A Retard’s Story. This is just Courtney Love out in public yesterday presumably searching for some tin cans to rub together. Who knows? I also couldn’t help but notice Courtney is working on some Madonna-esque arms there, but unlike the Crypt One, she’s doing things the old-fashioned way: With heroin.

Photos: Splash News

  1. scabbeus

    Courtney the smack-loving jester!

  2. lena

    what about edward norton?

  3. someguy



  4. I’m having such a big party when she dies

  5. It’s like Cindi Lauper on crack… wait… it that redundant?

  6. Jammy

    Hey Ralphie-Boy! I’m bangin’ Courtney Love!

  7. tp

    Her poor, poor daughter…

  8. jinx


  9. Aja ( the real )

    You people srsly need to grow up. It’s Courtney Love, and she’s awesome, you’re all so lame.

  10. the best thing Courtney could do for music fans would be to choke to death on her own vomit.

  11. testing

    how did Edward Nortan’s good name get dragged into this unfunny mess of a post?

  12. Banquo

    Yeah she’s pretty messed up,..of course she’ll be the first one to tell you that.
    Out of all the celebs I’ve ever heard anything about/read anything from, she’s one of the few that says: I don’t deserve all the fame I have, I love the money, I’m really messed up and people shouldn’t look up to me.

    Plus she has moments of clarity, her salon rant on the music industry was one of the best articles I’ve ever read.

  13. bickus dickus

    =why Cobain really killed himself.

  14. jenny

    what the hell is she wearing?..

  15. Blud

    She’s just a blood-farter.

  16. Let’s all get on board with the Courtney as misunderstood genius! (Otherwise we’ll have to deal with all the unpleasantness that comes with feelings of disgust, pity and ire) So join us in proclaiming to the world that Courtney is the new Hunter S. Thompson! Gone Ho Journalism!

    I guess we’ll need to come up with a misunderstood genius in the fashion world to liken her to now. Ummm… (stay tuned)

  17. Ballack Obomma

    After I take office, I promise to bring Kurt Cobain back to life, and you’ll all get a new Nirvana CD in the mail with your gov’t checks. Thanks again for voting for me White People, and really, you’ll get your bribery check as promised, right after I summon Kurt from the dead. And also, to that black lady in Florida, you’re right sista’, you won’t have to worry about paying your mortgage or putting gas in your car after I take office, I swear.

  18. prideofchucky

    “I want a girl with a head on her shoulders…. I HATE NECKS!”

    - Steve Martin

  19. regan

    I agree with #7, poor frances bean.

  20. C Montgomery Burns

    Who is this Whorendously-dressed has-been, Smithers?

  21. 10pound

    She looks like a shit I took this morning.

  22. haha! Flapper Girl: A Retard’s Story,

  23. BWB, you finallly decide to untuck your tail between your legs and showing your E-face on the superficial?

  24. sweet

    Omg. She looks so hot. I love her very much. I just saw her pretty ad with sexy photos on “milli onairefri ends. com”. It is said she is dating a great guy there.

  25. Anexio

    Fishstick, you left out the most important part of the story. Tell us about the time Ed Norton inserted his penis into Courtney Love’s maggot infested vagina.

  26. Jeff W.

    All of her behavior is consistent with someone who has borderline personality disorder (see also Lindsay Lohan, Rosanne, Rosie O’Donnell).

  27. Hatey McWrathenstein

    I thought it was a Fight Club reference…

    If it’s not, my skull is going to hate-jizz my brain out of my ears.

  28. Douchie, unlike most of your sex partners, I do not have a tail. Although, with all that practice, you are a hell of a catcher.

  29. gia

    what about edward norton?? is this post unfinished or did i not get it…cause i just lost about 10 secs reading that paragraph and i want my time back.

  30. KittyKat

    1. Kurt knew he made a mistake and had no way out, that was he was
    downfall. Married a slub, no talent and took Kurt down with the drug use.

    2. The only joy that this sad marriage produce (not music) and look where this
    poor child is now and who she is with, only if her daddy fought her “mom”
    he would still be around and looking after his daughter.

    3. Poor kid does not tell a sole who her mom is (would you)

    You can tell me over and over that she has quit her drug use, but look at the pictures. They tell a different story – her hands needle marks and her arms
    also needle marks and brusies. Can she clean her act yes, but only for the time period that is needed and when all eyes are off her she is back to her old ways. One thing she can never change is her behaviour that has come from years of drug abuse and living the rough life. Wash she is the poster child of a washed up drug user, even if she quit her drugs she will still have that look to her. To many tried to help with no luck, now she is on her own. For how long by the look of these pictures not much longer.

  31. Okay, Courtney Love looks as strange as ever — perhaps more so — but, missing the Edward Norton connection here.

    Fish, was there supposed to be an actual story after the jump?

  32. If she’s riding that Horse, she’s hiding it well. No train-tracks on the arms, skin reasonably clear, not all that skinny. Needs more sunlight. I’ve seen better-looking horses (the animal), but I’m not convinced that drugs are the deal here.

  33. *pukes up Lucky Charms and andoullie sausage breakfast burrito*

    With cheese.

  34. bob

    How is that creature still alive…Someone put it out of its misery.

  35. Bwahaha “I do not have a tail” boy did that name Back Wood Bitch fits perfectly…

  36. Argh

    what a horrifying person. too bad she continues to creep around when poor Kurt’s dead. she hasn’t done anything in like 12 years can we please stop photographing this wretch.
    that outfit *facepalm*.. not only is it the worst thing i have ever seen, it’s also not been above 50 degrees in LA for weeks..

  37. HelpMe

    I lurv trashy old skanks. I know the first step is admitting my problem, but she went from POLE to HOLE dammit. She’s the quintessential trashy old skank trifecta quinella, and I stand by my lust. Courtney, CALL ME.

  38. Melissa

    She’s like the female version of Mickey Rourke… dis-GUSTING!!!!

  39. melissa

    I love her outfit!! You people are so fucking boring!! haha

  40. sigmund

    not borderline personality, bipolar disorder (which is what Lohan, Spears, Winehouse, Bill Clinton, Heather Locklear, Angie Jolie, and a great multitude of others both public and private “suffer” with to one degree or another).

  41. Ted from Lexington

    Hey there Ralphie Boy!

  42. Aja ( the real )

    I agree with 40. These people are like duh..

    37…where have u been, she’s put out at least like three albums in twelve years…duh

  43. Tracey

    DAMN She has turned into Madona’s bad twin!

  44. Mama Pinkus


  45. Preguntas

    Did wooldoor sockbat rape a crackwhore, and this is the result?

  46. You want a madhouse-convict?
    …………….MARRY THIS WOMAN, foks!!

  47. Her clothes look like WalMart trying to do Betsey Johnson

  48. ssbsb

    I don’t recall how it was that Dave Navarro needed some sort of prospectus for a music project of some sort that he wanted to fund, but he did.

    Anyway, he needed to convince donors to pony up some dough, so he put one together. I don’t know what he was thinking, but it apparently included snap-shots of a naked, drunken, passed-out, Courtney Love’s hairy cunt . . .

    I don’t know what the investors thought . . .

  49. friendlyfires

    OK, I admit it, I banged that in 1996. Are you happy now? Are ya’ glad? And you what? I’d do her again, what do you think about that? You know why? You don’t? Find out …good luck, and remember to bring some Raisinets and Cool Whip.

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