Courtney Love trying to lose weight

aa_rokbar_launch.jpgCourtney Love is apparently so upset about how fat she’s gotten that she’s started working out with Pamela Anderson in hopes of getting back in shape. Courtney was ordered to complete a rehabilitation program by a Los Angeles court last July and has been free of alcohol and drugs for a year, but turned to food to help her overcome her addictions.

“I’m working out. Pamela Anderson runs with me up the steps of Pepperdine University. She’s like my personal trainer. I’m a size 30 jeans now.”

It’s nice to know that in between getting re-married and plastic surgery, Pamela Anderson can find the time to help out her fat friends. Unfortunately, losing a ton of weight isn’t going to help Courtney Love if she still looks like a drugged up clown prostitute. From the looks of things, her idea of getting done up is to smear lipstick all over her face and then rub her hair with a a twig she probably found in her backyard. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to brush my hair with things that I don’t find lying in a mound of dog feces.