Courtney Love should have another baby

December 16th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Despite the fact Frances Bean covered for dear old mom by saying she’s “clean” after ditching her to live with grandma, Courtney Love decided to prove she’s the polar-fucking-opposite of clean by launching a verbal assault against Frances on Facebook:

“I hate to sound cold but any kid of mine who pulls this shit has lost her position. She was deceptive, she lied and she’s lying to herself. My daughter is not always honest. She is clearly deluded if she thinks she can buy her grandmother a small house in L.A. I’d love to see how that works. She thinks she has all this money. The point is, I have all the money she has.

What the hell did that last sentence even mean? Is Courtney Love actually comparing bank accounts with her teenage daughter? Because I’m pretty sure Courtney was the one who spent the last year claiming she was the victim of identity theft to cover up all that Guitar Hero Rapes Kurt Cobain money she blew on heroin. Or am I thinking of a different walking corpse with bullshit-spouting action?


  1. Taz

    what a mess

  2. Ras Tiger


  3. rick

    OMG LILO is that YOU!?!?!?

  4. joss

    God, I have been first today on 5 different posts on 5 different websites and NOTHING has happened. Where’s my money Ed McMahon!

  5. Irene Barcelo

    What on Earth has happened to this woman! Can she blame her daughter not wanting to live with her. For heaven’s sake, please give your daughter some dignity and stability. Two things that are given for free……..

  6. MightyD

    Anyone else think a green coloration and a purple suit would fit just fine on her?

  7. Frances Bean Will Have Her Revenge

    Yikes. First her Dad kills himself and now she’s basically left out in the cold with Courtney. She might have been better off with Kurt above the garage. I mean, berating your kid on the internet because she wants to actually be cared for? Courtney should team up with Alec Baldwin and form the unfit parents team.

  8. Mattzilla

    heh heh heh ah haha heh a hee ho ha
    and i thought my jokes were bad

    anyone else reminded of the joker in pic#1?

  9. Rupert

    Bitch is legal in Minnesota.

  10. batman

    She looks like the joker in the first one, woman is DELUSIONAL. makes you want to believe all those conspiracy theories doesn’t it?

  11. Susannie

    Omg…how old is Frances Bean? What a cruel mother..blaming her own child for wanting a normal life? Sigh….this makes me sad.

  12. victory

    Mother Of The Year

  13. Lando-33

    I’m pretty sure Kurt left all his royalties to Frances to be held in trust until she’s 18. So I guess Courtney’s money is also Frances’, tough luck luck Courtney.

  14. donnerpartyoffive

    I’m just surprised she’s still alive at this point. Do people call Frances “the Bean?” Cause that would be a pretty wicked nickname.

  15. stupidass

    what a cunt.

  16. titsonsnack

    Any time I ever hear about her in the media she is screaming about money. So-and-so owes her some money. She’s suing so-and-so for some money. Somebody tried to steal her money.

  17. Hugh Jorgaan

    Bitch will be dead in a couple years. Then Frances will have what’s left of Kurt’s (I mean Courtney”s) money and no one will ever think about Ms. Love again. Courtney was a skank when Kurt hooked up with her and she’s gotten nastier every day. Too bad she’s not the one who ate the gun.

  18. Yes Virginia there is a Rough daddy!

    I wouldnt flick that not even with digital zoom…

    I think it might be ok to “rape” lil Frances Bean again…

  19. Dan Montana

    Women in general are already fucked up really bad..imagine her!

  20. What a nutcase

    She’s a psycho nutcase. She started out trying to say she controls the money in her daughter’s trust account, but what she ended up doing was showing the world again why she’s not only a shitty mother but a poor excuse for a human being. Good for her daughter; I’d have thrown her heroin addicted corpse to the curb YEARS ago…

  21. ha

    wow 19 way to say you have mommy issues.. Courtney is beckoning to you, your future awaits…

  22. incorrect

    Why is it that when a hot girl is showing her nips in a see-through top, you cover it with stars, but you subject the internet to this uncensored trainwreck, disgusting nipples and all?

  23. Rich

    Yuck, her face looks like a make up companys wearhouse. What a skank

  24. Rich

    Yuck, her face looks like a make up companys wearhouse. What a skank

  25. Tired of idiots

    @23 and 24

    Rich, Rich, Rich…

    1) Lamest comment I have seen here or anywhere else in at least a year
    2) Warehouse, not wearhouse you fucking asshat
    3) You had to click submit twice to share that piece of shit?

    Fuck you, cuntboy.

  26. WE LOVE PEEN!!


  27. medi0169

    If Frances is like that at all…HEY COURTNEY… The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Stupid bitch.

  28. 2tzuNaRU

    How about a little compassion people???
    It is so obvious that this woman is sick sick SICK.
    As in, shes an addict and cant see far beyond her next fix (which money is the pathway to, thus all the concern about $$$).
    Sad that the lil’ Bean is obviously in need of true parental nurturing, and shes not getting it.
    Still, I feel more sorry for Courtney because not only does she have a drug addiction problem, but she will (eventually, one would think) have to deal with all the pain and suffering her addiction has caused her daughter. Still…all the hating on her doesnt do the world much good.

  29. Cloud

    A few weeks ago I saw the video of her from this picture on [seek ri m]. She’s really hot. Is she dating online? I can’t believe it.

  30. Rupert

    I’d flick Frances Beans’ bean.

  31. Courtney looks so different. I was just baffled to see her in this look. She need to take some serious care of herself.

  32. Aims

    Honie please wear a bra. Even if you dont have much you shouldn’t be wearing nothing under a silk shirt.

  33. Tonawanda

    Didn’t Courtney kill Kurt? Lil’ Bean better watch out …

  34. LOL old women..

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  35. pay-dro

    she is a wonky bitch!

  36. It’s a miracle that kid isn’t Dana Plato. Frances seems stable and articulate.

    Courtneys rant sounds like some teen crackwhore single mother I saw on myspace whining about how unfair everything is for her.

    I thought Courtney would be doing right by her daughter to hire a buffer zone of nannies who make sure Frances NEVER, EVER has any contact with Courtney.

    @ 22. incorrect – “Why is it that when a hot girl is showing her nips in a see-through top, you cover it with stars, but you subject the internet to this uncensored trainwreck, disgusting nipples and all?”

    The human eye will instinctively avert itself from anything Medusa here is showing. It’s hard-wired to do this through a million years of natural selection.

  37. I watched The People vs. Larry Flynt last night and couldn’t believe how healthy Courtney looked. What a shame.

  38. the only opinion that matters

    Good mothers, even not so good mothers, should never air their differences with their children publicly. Kids do dumb things it’s part of growing up, but as adults we should do the right thing and not air our dirty laundry. Classy move Mom (Courtney),

  39. Rich

    #25, you are the biggest a hole. I made one spelling mistake , an honest mistake ,what are you an English scholar that has to correct peoples mistakes? Then you have to open your filthy mouth & call me names, as for submitting twice, it did not show that the 1st submission had ben posted. So leave your senseless, name calling comments to yourself. p.s the comment was a joke, obviously you can not tell the difference.

  40. tyra

    i wonder why nobody noticed that courtneys rant made perfect sense: she said her daughter is deceptive, lied and is lying to herself. what did your daughter say? courtney’s clean. i rest my case.

  41. the only opinion that matters

    Rich, I’m with you , #25 is way harsh. Don’t worry, they only made themselves look like a big dick.

  42. My god she is looking so oldy. She is looking perfect Grandma with that outfit. Don;t know what is happening to her.

  43. Courtney Love is your classic burned out druggie; even in this CNN photo, he eyes are glazed over. It is not wonder her daughter wants to distance herself from her parents, which unfortunately, she will never be able to do. I can only imagine the anger she has towards her mother.

  44. I don’t think a human should come near Courtney Love. I mean that druggie needs to go get help with her freakin’ mental issues!……

  45. iamlemonfresh

    Don’t take it personally, Rich. #25 IS Courteney Love. Just wait ’til that last hit kicks in, she gets cranky between doses.

  46. PeaceLoveBeauty

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  47. I’ll take a look to the

  48. I call 'em as I see 'em

    No. Just NO.

  49. HMMMMM

    Danng baby atleast put a bra on…come on Courtney

  50. she needs to do something

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