Courtney Love has nipples because God’s a sick bastard and hates your eyes

September 30th, 2009 // 64 Comments

Here’s a clearly bra-less Courtney Love walking around SoHo yesterday, and this is pretty much on par with seeing my grandmother naked. If not worse. There’s no chance of fresh-baked cookies after this one, just tears, hyperventilating and the inability to ever get an erection again. Seriously, I could try to take a Viagra right now and it’d probably jump out of my hand before saying “I quit.”


  1. dub3000

    she looks like a pale Keith Richards.

  2. bmose

    Sorry, not enough tequila in Mexico.

  3. Bubp

    She certainly looks better than she did 15 years ago. She should put on a couple of pounds, though.

  4. charlie

    I didn’t think this was Courtney, she looks so different. Did she have her entire face redone or what?
    I’m so confused.

  5. Narcissist

    I’m partial to Kat Bjelland myself. Or Katie Jane Garside if I’m really feeling crazy.

  6. i think shes kinda hot in some fucked up sorta way….maybe im just fucked up, period.

  7. Dam she is looking so oldy man! I think her eyes and face are looking like granny. God please help her out.

  8. If I had only 5 minutes to live, I’d still do my hand over her…

  9. If I had only 5 minutes to live, I’d still do my hand over her…

  10. God, I wouldn’t even recognize her! It’s sad what happened to her, you can see she had countless plastic surgeries and she is really damaged from all these drugs and alcohol. Poor woman…

  11. Keeping far away from bra is healthy but not beautiful.

  12. It looks delicious, thanks for sharing

  13. good article,thank you

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