Courtney Love has nipples because God’s a sick bastard and hates your eyes

September 30th, 2009 // 64 Comments

Here’s a clearly bra-less Courtney Love walking around SoHo yesterday, and this is pretty much on par with seeing my grandmother naked. If not worse. There’s no chance of fresh-baked cookies after this one, just tears, hyperventilating and the inability to ever get an erection again. Seriously, I could try to take a Viagra right now and it’d probably jump out of my hand before saying “I quit.”


  1. Eww

    If I wanted to see “women” like this i’d go down to the Aids clinic or Cancer ward.
    Drugs are a evil, evil thing.

  2. Smoking

    What’s that blue stick she’s sucking?

  3. Meugh

    Why so serious?

  4. bot

    She looks like the fucked up sister from Pet Cemetery.

  5. Scary…very scary

  6. Me

    LOL @Meugh

    Thats the same exact thing i thought

  7. D

    If I had only 5 minutes to live, I’d still do my hand over her…

  8. lola

    Her original nose was average, not pretty – but WAY better than this reconstructed mess.

  9. hayo

    i think shes kinda hot in some fucked up sorta way….maybe im just fucked up, period.

  10. kris

    I’d hit it!!

  11. JADE

    My eyes , my eyes, omg the burn………..

  12. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  13. 7L

    Id bang her in the 7th pic

  14. Do FreeBird

    She certainly is aging well.

  15. IKE

    This might not be the popular response, but I think she’s hot. I always have. Kinda like how Angelina Jolie was hot in “Gia.” Even when she was falling a part, you still wanted to hit it.
    The picture where she’s waving with a pencil in her hand is cute.

  16. Dude

    I so hope to God that hugo chavez hit that. That asshole dictator needs to die of aids fast!!

    And really, I used to think Courtney was hot in the early 90s with Hole and when she went Holllywood. But man those pictures hurt to look at.

  17. dave

    I’d jump in there and brag about it later.

  18. havoc

    Yeah, she’s hot.

    In a diseased, cigarette stank, protruding hip bones, puke breath sort of way….


  19. chick

    Was she drunk?! What’s wrong with her walking out on the street like that?!

  20. john

    She looks like she was rode hard & put away wet! Or just hung out to dry!

  21. gotmilk?

    forget the nipples, her face is so haggard. i bet she’s the next to go.

  22. Pepe

    Why so serious?

  23. Delgo

    Think her vag is odorous?

  24. Rusty

    She doesn’t look like she has slept for days, look at the bags.

  25. Sport

    The nipples work GREAT as they draw the eye away from the train wreck north of them. I echo the sentiments above and believe any room with her in it would smell like puke and body odor.

  26. Mantis

    She would make an excellent candidate for The Joke in the next Batman movie.

  27. Slashman3

    She’s totally trying to be the next Joker. Batman’s arch nemesis lives!!!

  28. Slashman3

    Damnations! I need to refresh more often! Touche Mantis, touche!

  29. elvis_presley

    LOL @Meugh x2

  30. The Rough report


  31. shankyouverymuch

    You know, this woman is just Goopy- BUT I have to write that she looks much better here then I’ve seen her look literally in years.

  32. sarah

    sort of melted and mangled… but still, surprisingly great considering she’s 45 and she’s lived hard

  33. GTBurns

    Hugo Chavez did claim he likes to chew coca daily. Looks like Hugo and Courtney do share a love of all things coca. Except she prefers to snort it or just smoke plain old crack.

  34. PsyKo

    #23: dunno, but it’s full of sand.

  35. Hello

    Do you think she’s on drugs, or is she just really skinny and can’t color in between the lines with her makeup.

  36. rien

    omg, she looks like a corpse.

  37. joelle

    i understand your need to bash celebs and frankly i don’t give a rat’s ass abt it but when u start bringing God in your crappy tasteless humor, it ruins the fun in everything.

  38. Dru

    I don’t see Courtney Love. Is she behind the zombie?

  39. Dread

    I’d hit it…… with a stick to make sure it was still alive. Then I’d fuck her.

  40. phil

    Ugh. What a fatso.

  41. Now we know why Kurt killed himself.

  42. bdog

    Jeeeez, when I saw this I thought, wow, has it really been a year since Heath Ledger popped his clogs?

    Damn that “The Joker” fancy dress, although a little early for Halloween really is very good… sleeping with the light on for a few days me


  43. coucou

    courtney looks very good, after all the drugs she s been taking since god knows when, she s 45 ! she ain t supposed to look like a 20 years old ! Maybe she s finally getting along with her demons and her life is kinda normal ? … i don t know, but she still look very good and i m happy for her !!!! Go courtney GO !!

  44. cookie

    Seeking your sexy partner ON ===SuGarDaddyHunt.CoM==

  45. yomama

    And she’ll get what she wants, and she’ll never want it again

  46. Bad Kitty

    She’s had some of those doll parts replaced.

  47. Someone should help this poor woman

  48. Darth

    When is she finally going to take an overdose!? We can’t wait for that!

  49. i call 'em as I see 'em

    oh dear.

  50. yikes

    And why have so many stars gone to Joan Rivers’s plastic surgeon?
    Can they not see?
    I mean, who would say “Yes, that looks good. Make me look like that”?

    (and yes, punctuation followers, it’s Rivers’s ( not Rivers’) – I looked it up. It’s a singular proper name, and is an exception to the rule… Spell check is wrong on this one.)

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