Courtney Love has stomach problems

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  1. crystalljackson

    Her body is stinkingly similar to my 85 year old grandfather’s.

  2. FRIST!!!

    What is she on vacation from?
    Shooting heroin?
    It’s a hard life…..

  3. Jimbo

    Her stomach looks like Tara Reids? Did they go to the same plastic surgeon?

    I have been trying to figure out what is on vaction from too. I am drawing a blank. I did not know crack whores needed them

  4. onibaba

    “I hate it when women fart out one kid and then act like that’s their lifelong excuse to be flabby. Stop whining and making excuses and GO TO THE GYM.”

    It’s not an excuse – it’s a fact. When a woman hits 40 or 50, she can spend half her life in the gym doing abdominal crunches, and the skin on her stomach will STILL look wrinkly and weird. It makes no difference whether or not she’s had children. You’re probably about 18 so you have NO IDEA what’s waiting for you. Heh heh heh.

    Tara Reid, now – THAT’s not natural.

  5. Bessymouse

    Blegh! That’s gross! I hope my tummy never looks anything like that!
    In other news… check Out that parrot! It’s freaking awesome! I want one!

  6. SoFabulousItHurts

    That is NOT something that just happens to women over 40. Demi Moore, anyone? This is what happens to people who lose a lot of weight, abuse their body, or who are just prone to certain body issues. It has absolutely nothing to do with age.

    That being said, her stomach makes me love mine sooo much.

  7. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie

    #43, 48 Every post I’ve made since I said “I’m out” yesterday has been a troll – an every post you read from now on will be, too. It’s not like I’m deeply attached to this name, asswipe, so have fun with it – maybe you’ll get better – you suck ass so far. And you’re what makes this site suckier every day.

  8. Hemlock Queen

    Forget her saggy stomach, check out her face!!! It’s so gross and weird. Not normal. I’d stare at her saggy ass stomach for years if she had only just left her poor face alone.

  9. That’s odd.
    It doesn’t look weird at all in these:,,2004580002-2007140550,00.html

    hmm… Courtney, my love, why didn’t you just lose the weight the old fashioned way?
    Oh well… you are forgiven.

  10. Hemlock Queen

    Courtney. One word. One-piece!

  11. She’s got the ass of an 80 year old.

    In pic 8 she looks like she’s rolling dough.

    She needs to gain some weight.

  12. neo_maxie, don’t fret over barbadoslim, for he is one of those ever persistent ever obnoxious “courtney-killed-kurt” people who are not going anywhere. It is best to go “sure sure” and keep walking.
    It’s like my boyfriend says, “even if courtney did kurt, then she did the world a favor.”

    Anyway, Clove is looking good except for some stomach weirdness. People will pick at anything.

  13. neo_maxie, don’t fret over barbadoslim, for he is one of those ever persistent ever obnoxious “courtney-killed-kurt” people who are not going anywhere. It is best to go “sure sure” and keep walking.
    It’s like my boyfriend says, “even if courtney did kill kurt, then she did the world a favor.”

    Anyway, Clove is looking good except for some stomach weirdness. People will pick at anything.

  14. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie


    In that third pick, my hand should be there instead of that anchor.

    That is some sweet ass.

    Ok, NOW “I’m Out”.

  15. neo

    #64 Oh, dumbYELL, you always go too far. Only you dribble out the spacing in your little posts like that in order to make them seem more important than they are. And the quotation marks – pure you! I’m surprised you didn’t end this one with the classic “THEE END”.

    $62 Rachelraquel, thanks, but you’re talking to danielle the troll. And she’s somewhat confused as she doesn’t know my gender – she’s been flipflopping on that all weekend. It’s kinda funny – you can actually see the wheels going round in her pinhead with each tedious little post.

  16. outrageous.opinion

    just when I was going to make an appointment for lipo on my entire mid section! SHIT now what?

  17. 23apples

    Yeah she looks really good, and for dropping so much weight I’m not suprised her stomach looks like that with the extra skin and such, but that 4th picture from the top is just fucking scary. I imagine an alien’s body would look like that. AH IT’S SCARY!!!

  18. BarbadoSlim

    It’s always fun to poke fun at those of us who know the truth is out there. But guess what, it’s funny right up to the moment when her next boyfriend gets to french kiss a double barrel.

    I bet you think the “moon landing” was real too.

  19. FRIST!!!

    When did she turn into an albino?
    I take it back…maybe she DOES need a vacation. At least to put some color on her skin. She looks like death.

  20. neo

    She turned albino right afeter I did.

    A tragic experience indeed.

  21. neo

    What is “afeter”.

    Try again troll. I know it’s you Barbado.

    Fuck off.

  22. lickmybutt

    actually, this doesnt happen to every women after a certain age. my mom hasnt ever been fat, but she had some extra weight. so she went on a diet, started working out, and even at the age of 44 she looks amazing now.

    thank god she’s my mom and i’ve got her genes. hahahaha. :P

  23. BarbadoSlim

    Dude I’m just gonna answer with a simple no. Not my style.

  24. Show off that tan and amazing body for that incredible comeback you’re gonna make, Courtney…..crystal meth is a powerful drug

  25. Looks like a scene from the blob.

  26. new neo

    #73 No kidding – it’s not mine, either. Anything derogatory the troll addresses to you, just ignore it, it ain’t from me.

  27. jaffo

    Was she the double for Jerry’s girlfriend in the ‘Man Hands’ episode of Seinfeld? Gross…

  28. neo


    Anytime “I” address anyone, please ignore me.

    My troll is doing a better job at commenting than I am.

    Act like I don’t exist.

  29. neo

    Including the “new neo”.

    Seriously, fuck off troll.

  30. Truthseeker013

    This is official notice of my intent to sue the owners of this site for eye damage and malicious intent.

  31. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    I have tears, I was laughin so hard at this thread. Holy shit, the anchor comment was awesome!

    I almost feel bad for Courtney. Her face looks extremely painful. Oh well, I guess that’s what you get for messing with your face. She could have spent way less money getting her nasty fingernails & toes fixed and that would have been a major improvement. I will never understand chicks that can spend thousands of dollars on surgery but can’t give quality attention to their hands & feet. She probably gnaws on her toenails like Slitney.

  32. woodhorse

    I’m not sure why she spent all that money on “improvements” when she could have taken a bath for free. No matter where her hands have been, that shit would eventually soak out from under her fingernails and around the cuticles.

  33. GEZZUS CHRIST I have tea-bagged heroin addicts some woman/some men with better bodies!

    Shut up I am out of work, and have to make a living some how!

  34. GG 4.33

    She’s lucky to be alive. With all the drugs she’s done over the years, it’s a miracle she can walk and speak at all…

  35. HughJorganthethird

    The saddest part is if old Courtney hadn’t become the world biggest sellout she would be an aging, highly revered punk goddess and she would be expected to look this shitty, and no one would care.

    That will teach ya to look for credit in the straight world ‘Court

  36. Minouz

    Look at it on the first pic! It looks like it’s alive!!

  37. tits_on_snack

    #85 well said and very true

  38. bluecanary

    This is common when someone loses a lot of weight without actually lowering their body fat content at the same time.

    That stomach says one thing: I lost weight too fast, in a very unhealthy way.

  39. The-Guslet

    Now remember kids – Don’t do Drugs!

    Her face is somewhat improved though.

  40. Superbee

    goddammmmmm,, my gramma’s got tighter abs than that.. The must have got all drug melted…

    The scarey part is that Cortney’s abs are probably the tightest part of her body.LOL LOL LOL LOL.

    Come on Cortney put the brown paper bag back on…Pllllleaaazzzzzzze

  41. laserenita

    I am no fan of Courtney Love…However, she did have a baby some years ago. Pregnancy stretches out the skin. Duh. Without serious plastic surgery, it doesn’t go back. I woud hate to see some of you whales in a bikini after a kid or two at 47.You will wish you looked that good.

  42. well i can say one thing for courtney. she’s a fast reader. she was just starting that book in some pics posted like 2 days ago.
    And yeah for #91. I pretty much hope I still look that good at 46.

  43. Duh

    There was just a post about her losing weight, and that’s what your stomach looks like after losing weight. That’s what tummy tucks are for! I actually think massaging the skin might help it tighten up, so at least she’s not just doing that to pass the time or to look crazy for the cameras…

  44. TaiTai

    This Courtney Love imposter is either a) Cameron Diaz, or b) some Vegas celebrity stand-in that the real Mrs. Cobain has hired so that the real Courtney can continue her downward spiral uninterrupted by those pesky paparazzi. No way the real CL would look this good. And that ain’t sayin’ much.

  45. Diana

    Serves this tramp right for killing a music legend such as Kurt Cobain.

  46. Penis de Milo

    She had the baby when she was 28. All the destruction seen here occurred long after that.

  47. tatianalensky

    ok. I gotta say it. Being 40 or 46 or however old she is is no excuse to look like that. The saggy bum scared the shit outta me.

    I know someone who is 47 and she looks amazing. No plastic surgery, nothing.
    She can take it up with Jessica Alba any day. Scouts honor. Just proves you don’t have to be filthy rich to look good. Believe it – its true.

  48. CarnieWilson

    Is it me or does she look really filthy?

  49. oh Court. You keep doing your thing, girl.
    I for one can’t wait for her new album and I pray that it is better than her last.

  50. Mandy

    eeww gawd

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