Courtney Love has stomach problems

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  1. number1armywife


  2. woodhorse

    She is kneading her stomach because it hurts from being hit repeatedly by a shovel.

  3. jus'stupid

    Wow, this is one gross chick.
    Milk would not even do this body good.
    How many kids does she have? 12? 14?
    It must suck to be this ugly and have everyone want to photo you and prove it. I think old boy shot killed himself so he wouldn’t have to face this every morning.

  4. All the kings money and all the kings men,
    couldn’t put Courtney together again.

  5. Majerz

    She’s 46. She’s not exactly meant to look like Jessica Alba in a bikini. I think it’d be unsettling if she did.

  6. Donkey


  7. Lowlands

    According to the fourth pic from the top,she’s the proud owner of a body with 2 navels.

  8. The Monobloguer

    Why does she look so dirty? She’s covered in shit smears.

  9. Why does she look so dirty? She’s covered in shit smears.

  10. angelesque

    For God’s sake, the woman recently dropped 44lbs from her body! Of course she has some saggy skin, it’s not easy for a belly to lose that much weight and retain its elasticity. She’ll either have to have some cosmetic surgery to remove the excess skin, or hit the gym and tone up the abs.

    She looks freaking amazing, ESPECIALLY after putting in the hard work to lose the weight.

  11. onibaba

    She’s over 40. This is what happens to a woman’s stomach when she reaches that age. It’s not pretty, but it’s what happens. Plastic surgery has nothing to do with it.

    Yes, this will happen to YOU one day!

  12. Lowlands

    On the 2nd pic from the bottom looks like Bruce Willis strangled her belly-button the night before.

  13. AmberDextrose

    I know everyone says “it’s inevitable after 40/having a baby/losing weight” and we’re all supposed to take some spiteful pleasure out that…

    But can’t we just pretend it isn’t inevitable? Why are we never offered hope that if enough money is thrown at a problem then saggy stomachs need not be?

    Damn it!

  14. Lowlands

    Comparing to this belly-button i think indeed Tara’s belly-button ain’t that bad.

  15. dumbphuck

    stomach problems are the least of courtney love’s problems.

  16. fritobandito

    Shes not kneading her stomach, she is squeezing it back and forth, pretending that it is talking to her. Good to know she is still nuts, even without the extra weight. Oh yeah, and she has a mouth like a carp!!!

  17. fritobandito

    I think the parrot is wondering when it grew a crack whore out of its ass.

  18. johnnycake

    to hell with her stomach – that ass pic will haunt me forever! why did I scroll down…

    it’s completely appropriate that there’s an anchor on that bikini bottom, ’cause that butt is sinking fast…

  19. djfredflintstone

    To Lowlands. True nuff but my guess is that if you saw both Bruce and Courtney naked together, she’d still be the hot one. At least she’s entertaining sometimes. Not sure why she’s so dirty though. I’d say because she’s on the beach except that with the exception of Lindsey Lohan most bikini wearing celebrities are, and they usually manage to not look quite so uummm dingy. I still wish that rumor about her replacing Paula on American Idol were true. Now THAT would be entertaining!

  20. Considering that she should be dead, I think she looks pretty good. The chick has staying power, much like Keith Richards.

  21. bigsteamyone

    i am waiting for the alien to pop out.

  22. Extra skin is in.

  23. kingnoony

    holy fuck-a-doodle-doo! man, this chick is uglier than a mud fence…

  24. Lowlands

    At least she has enough skin to cover a lamp-shade.Could be handy when you need one.

  25. BarbadoSlim

    Looks like Cobain’s melon sucking on that shotgun. And she should know, ’cause she made it happen.

  26. imran karim

    ehh gravity

  27. woodhorse

    #16: you mean like when Jim Carrey “talks out of his ass?” – is she now “talking out of her navels?” – since she has two navels, can they talk to each other?? I am awaiting update….

  28. BarbadoSlim

    “She looks freaking amazing, ESPECIALLY after putting in the hard work to lose the weight.”

    Are you crazy? Is that your problem?

    Take it outside

  29. al rarow


    this seriously eeps *my* stomach out.

  30. fritobandito

    #27, I believe she has learned from some of the greats. Jim Carrey, Homer Simpson (making his stomach talk AND eat pizza!) And lets not forget Patrick Star, although that was his “Pats back” he made talk!! Still, I see Courtney watched all of these closely. Way to work on those acting skills carp!

  31. alaskanchicsickle

    A tummy tuck would take care of that mess, but I suspect that in her drug addled brain, she thinks she’s looking smokin’ hot.

  32. BarbadoSlim

    “she thinks she’s looking smokin’ hot”

    Yup, and therein lies the problem, she actually believes she’s “rockin’” that bikini. Someone needs to walk up to her and say, “okay, you need to stop”

  33. dannielynn'sdaddy

    We must
    We must
    We must play with our mush

  34. dannielynn'sdaddy

    @10, angelesque: You make me want to take you outside to hit YOU in the stomach with a shovel!

  35. Am I the only one who thinks she had some kind of facelift? The skin around her mouth looks really tight, I didn’t even recognize her when I first saw these photos. I’m sure it must be hard for her to be her age, have damaged her body so much, and still have photographers following her around.

  36. Okay, ya she’s ugly and her stomach is not looking too schnazzy but look at her fingernails……..GROSS. They’re all chewed and dirty looking. Talk about skank-a-licious.

  37. Pikachelsea

    “She’s over 40. This is what happens to a woman’s stomach when she reaches that age.”

    Oh stop making excuses for her. I have two words for you: Brooke Burke. 35 years old, a mom, and absolutely gorgeous.

    I hate it when women fart out one kid and then act like that’s their lifelong excuse to be flabby. Stop whining and making excuses and GO TO THE GYM.

  38. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie

    Fuck all of you. She looks damn near perfect.

    For her age.

    I mean, seriously? If you are a man and you are not attracted to this woman, you must be gay. Her skin is flawless and her figure is even better than CarMAN Electrified’s.

    And Barbado, you must be either gay or blind because Courtney is fucking HOT!!!!

    I’d break in her hole so bad she’d be sore til’ Sunday!!!!!

  39. danielle

    You know it’s going to be a good day when you look at a picture, and you can’t tell if it’s Jenna Jameson’s vagina, Courtney Love’s stomach, or my face!

  40. suzy

    according to she’s 43 not 46. but whatever… so just just needs to either 1. exercise.. or 2. get a tummy tuck

    she does look better than this though:

  41. BigJim

    It’s the revenge of Kurt Cobain. He’s eating her soul from the inside out.

  42. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie


    Good one. I’d like to eat her out though, Kurt wouldn’t stand up to my technique.

  43. BarbadoSlim

    Let’s put it this way @38, if I had to choose between her and being gay , I’d start buying Liza Minelli records without a second thought.

  44. no1justminda


  45. elvisfanlaura

    neo maxie blah blah blah:

    you are one sick puppy. she’s gross.

  46. Bambella

    She looks like Tara Reids’ mother.

  47. Lowlands

    Ew,Seeing these pics make me want to download ‘candle in the wind’ somehow.

  48. KatieKates

    While I think Courtney Love is a dirty crackhead whore, and her stomach is pretty unsightly, she doesn’t look all that bad for a chick in her forties. I still don’t want to look at her, but shit – most chicks her age don’t look so hot, either.

  49. deborah

    Cool…vampire at the beach – don’t see that everyday.

  50. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie



    What does your mother look like?

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