Courtney Love is still insane

August 12th, 2005 // 3 Comments

According to sources, almost all of Courtney Love’s antics had to be cut out of Comedy Central’s roast of Pamela Anderson because of their inappropriate nature. In addition to slamming her head into a photographer’s lens while posing for a close-up, she also lifted up her shirt, repeatedly flashed her crotch, and engaged in simulated oral sex in front of the huge audience. Now if that’s not the epitome of wholesome family values, then I don’t know what is! Oh wait, yes I do: hardcore anal sex with animals.

In other news, it was announced yesterday that Courtney Love tested positive for drugs. Shocking!


  1. Insane has a definition. This definition does not describe Courtney Love. I beleive the phrase you are fumbling for is “attention whore”.

  2. mcnama

    Indeed, attention whore fits also, but he had it right with ‘insane’ also. What sane person thinks this behaviour even causes people astonishment anymore? ok, we get it…you’re a nasty freak…we realized the first few times you flashed us your we expect it and have no reaction…Someone should sit Courtney and Paris down and explain this to them..really.

  3. But I'm sure the dinks say otherwise. But we as a society we have been allowed to be honest and express our creativity and be admired for it, instead of ridicule. These clones you speak is a step backward for all women, in my humble opinion.

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