Courtney Love is probably gonna die soon

June 24th, 2009 // 84 Comments

Ever wonder what eating a bowl of heroin for breakfast does to the human body?


Photo: The Sun

  1. Sabrina

    It could be anorexia…not so funny…

  2. The Superficial, you ought to be ashamed for posting this photo. This is one of the scariest things I have ever seen in my life. En My vida loca! She would have to be 10 times more charming than Arnold on Green Acres to be allowed within a mile of me…and I live in LA!
    The Rake

  3. Cestquoi

    Dear god.. I’m going to have nightmares.

  4. Ing

    looks like a vegan

  5. *

    now Courtney and Madonna look like twins

  6. Ella

    Don’t forget: The camera ADDS 10 pounds……

  7. Jennifer

    Her lips are quite succulent.

  8. Hilton Hunter

    If she died tomorrow, how would anyone know?

  9. friendlyfires

    Oh jeez – anorexic again – call 999 she is in UK at moment

  10. NastyBedazzler

    I like how the first words out of my mouth when I saw that picture were “What the fuck?”

    And it wasn’t even a funny picture, until I noticed the tag under the headline that read: “WTF”

    That made me laugh hysterically. I’d say you nailed it on the tag

  11. Hamper_Lint

    I thought is was Scarlett J. …..

    That is sad.

  12. cracka ass

    Dear Courtney,

    Hey I have a little present for you…see this bag of powder? YES, it’s exactly what it looks like! You want it? Yes, I know you do. Quick favor, I just have some papes I need you to sign and initial… this page, this page, yes, the one that says Nirvana (not what you think)…songwriting royalties (forget that, think of the powder Courtney), initial, sign there… THANKS WE’RE DONE.

  13. Douchie, is that your mom?

  14. Eskelator

    The Love Boat is about to set sail….

  15. I’m a huge huge fan of Courtney Love, but my God she looks insanely awful.

  16. Darth

    She should work out a bit to get more tension on her muscles.

  17. Me

    Get the girl a BACON CHEESEBURGER !

  18. captain america


  19. kambam17

    omg i just sicked in my mouth a wee bit

  20. Divole

    #40. biggi – June 24, 2009 3:53 PM
    I thought that was Scarlett Johansson..

    Ha-ha! Me too. Thanks God, that was not she…

  21. HoodFellaz

    She looks better than usual.


  22. I thought she was dead already.

  23. No doubt about that!! :))

  24. What are you doing Backwood bitch?

    Im going to forgive your childish remark, since its late night and the blood circulation between your phallus and brain were probably cut off with a jointed rope. Have fun, hopefully the superficial loses one corny poster…

  25. beat the concrete

    @ 40. i think the same first time i saw the picture and i was …wtf!!???

  26. pixi

    shes ALMOST thin enough.

  27. Carefull there

    she may die tomorrow and you’ll have tons of assholes telling you you have no morals and making stupid campaings on twitter saying over and over again just what a douche bag with no principals you are
    and nobody wants another perez hilton apologizing around on the web

  28. OMG!

    There is NO WAY that is Courtney Love…. are u serious? If so call the morgue.. One more body coming your way..

  29. salmon


  30. justice

    God, I sure hope so. I hope she goes in a really horrible way too, perhaps a flesh eating virus from a dirty needle or something. Then she can burn in hell while Kurt laughs and pisses on her from heaven.

  31. kurt

    omg im rotflmfao. i HOPE she DIES soon. preferably before she attempts to sue activison. she must be out of money again. oh and #4 dude, i hope you mean a bowl of crack cuz pot doesn’t do this to you. this women doesnt need any help. she needs a hot dose and be on her way to hell where she belongs. someone give this woman some bad drugs so we can be rid of her and the world can be a better place and we can enjoy kurts music without proceeds going to this witch. die before your daughter becomes you.

  32. I hope she dieeeeees bitch…killer,, she killed kurt for money, she had never loved him fuckin bitch i hope you get crashed by a train stupid pussy :@

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    [yeah, im still waiting. that wretch doesn't deserve to live. it shoulda been her, not kurt. DIE, BITCH, DIE.]

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