Courteney Cox needs to rethink her security

Courteney Cox is targeting Britney Spears and Paris Hilton on her new season of FX’s Dirt. I never watch the show because, quite frankly, Courteney looks like the type of chick that would eat your soul – without the courtesy of letting you see her bra. Anyway, she’s not afraid who she’ll parody this season because she’s got her big, strong husband David Arquette to protect her according to FOX News (Who conveniently is part of the same parent company as FX. I’m just sayin’.):

But if the celebs don’t find the joke so funny, it is her hubby/fellow executive producer, David Arquette, who will handle the heat.
“If somebody called me and was really mad at me, I’d assure them that it was never my intention to hurt anybody,” Cox said. “But I’ll just give the phone over to David.”

Because there’s nothing more terrifying than a hipster doofus in your grill. I mean, seriously. All you have to do is say Bright Eyes sounds just like Arcade Fire then, when he rambles on for five hours, you beat him over the head with his Mac Powerbook. Now get on the horn, and tell them how to bring these sons of bitches down!

Photos: Splash News