Courteney Cox needs to rethink her security

March 6th, 2008 // 93 Comments

Courteney Cox is targeting Britney Spears and Paris Hilton on her new season of FX’s Dirt. I never watch the show because, quite frankly, Courteney looks like the type of chick that would eat your soul – without the courtesy of letting you see her bra. Anyway, she’s not afraid who she’ll parody this season because she’s got her big, strong husband David Arquette to protect her according to FOX News (Who conveniently is part of the same parent company as FX. I’m just sayin’.):

But if the celebs don’t find the joke so funny, it is her hubby/fellow executive producer, David Arquette, who will handle the heat.
“If somebody called me and was really mad at me, I’d assure them that it was never my intention to hurt anybody,” Cox said. “But I’ll just give the phone over to David.”

Because there’s nothing more terrifying than a hipster doofus in your grill. I mean, seriously. All you have to do is say Bright Eyes sounds just like Arcade Fire then, when he rambles on for five hours, you beat him over the head with his Mac Powerbook. Now get on the horn, and tell them how to bring these sons of bitches down!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Uh oh, Courtney’s botox is showing…

  2. daguz

    She can eat my soul.

  3. Did I see Texas Tranny on that last post or a droll troll?

  4. fergernauster

    Jeezus. She was cute back in the day, but she now needs to trade her “cosmetic therapist” in for the one Demi Moore employs.

  5. The Veggi Whore

    making fun of brit and Paris? I’ll drink to that!!

    But, shit, I drink to the mail arriving, so..

  6. fergernauster

    … she does have a soft, shiny, silky mane, tho’…

  7. Texas Tranny

    Yes Cowgirl it was me.

  8. Ted from LA

    I thought she was married to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  9. Great TT! What RU wearing?

  10. dogonabone

    Does anyone else see the Joker?

  11. Jumpin_J

    David Arquette? Oooooh I’m so scared. Bring it, beeeotch. I’ll crush him with my 22″ pythons, brother. Watcha gonna do?

  12. No, Ted. You’re thinking of ol’ square-jaw Maria. She has the most geometrical bone structure I’ve ever seen!

  13. Grunion

    Please post no more photos of David Arquette, they’re scaring me.

  14. mike

    Uh, Cowgirl? What the hell are you trying to do? Quit your damn “what are you wearing” to a tranny. Go email each other some where else. Sick bitch.

  15. Whoa! Mike! At least say “hi”. You missed me did ya? Doesn’t everyone want to know what TT wears? I’m sick Mike? You’re the one with goat fetish right?

  16. Wouldn’t you like to know……*wink,wink*…………

    I would love to tell you all the details, so contact me through myspace and I’ll share.

  17. Yeah Mike,
    Everyone wants to know what I’m wearing………

    tee hee

  18. Auntie Kryst

    Meh, the show is going to suck. Art cannot interpret life here. How can anyone possibly parody the real life parodies that are Brit Tard and Supercunt?

    On an unrelated note, FX better not fucking wuss out again and cancel The Riches after only a few episodes. Fuckin’ douchebags, it’s a good show keep it on.

  19. mike

    Cowgirl, I did miss you. I’m usually a better shot than that. Esspecially when I’m given such a HUGE target as your ass is.

  20. James

    Nice Independence Day reference :)

  21. want meds

    In the first pic, she’s nearly rockin’ an Adam’s Apple . . .

  22. DD

    Hey Mike, did you know your Mother is a great cocksucker?

    Well she is, didn’t spill a drop.

  23. Oh NAW…

    (not aging well…)

  24. Oh! Bring it on Mikey! you jealous, you can only imagine my tight toosh and not touch?

  25. mike

    Yeah, who do you think taught her? I’m a mamas boy man. Now go fuck yourself while I get back to getting my bj.

  26. No Friends

    Go ahead – hand “Mister-Big-Bad ” your phone. I bet he just loves taking the heat after his smart ass of a wife sits on it for a half hour making whomever is on the other end steaming assed mad …. Yeah … we men just love the shit out of that bitch …. I would make him cry just like I would YOU !!
    HAHAHAHAHA …………………

  27. @25, not getting blowjob are you or you wouldn’t be so damn petulent (sp?)

  28. mike

    #27. So, you’re a self declared moron.

  29. Good one Cowgirl………………..Almost hard it right “petulant”

    Back-off Mike or I might have to kick your ass. Then you’d have to explain to all your buddies how a sissy-ass tranny kicked your fucking ass and handed it to you on a platter.

    tee hee

  30. mike troll

    I like to wear TT’s little bo peep outfit when I get my goat lovin on.

  31. TT

    Have you been in my closet??????

    That’s one of my favorite outfits. So pretty and feminine, pretty pink and white lace trim, complete with petticoats.

  32. Joe Melnick

    Did she always have an adam’s apple? Pic #1 looks like she swallowed a spoon. Sideways.

  33. D. Richards (Hands.)

    Courtney Cox is still living?

  34. She is NOT aging well. WTC is wrong with her neck? Tumors??? Her eyelids are more sunken in than D. R.’s balls..

  35. Looks like somebody is going to have a birthday next Tuesday. I hope you’re planning a big ass party.

  36. Really??? Who????

  37. Hecubus

    I only really visit this site these days in the vain hope of Scarlett Johansson nude pics suddenly showing up but I have to say ‘Now get on the horn, and tell them how to bring these sons of bitches down!’ was pretty damn funny.

  38. XavierH

    Why are we seeing stills from Lars and the Real Girl?

  39. Hey TT how did you know it was my birthday next week??

  40. Not real sure………somebody important………..can’t recall her name………..

  41. Hey TT I am not a she, but I am important..

  42. It’s MEEEEE!!!!!

    I’m going to be 29!!

  43. JImbo, is Tuesday your birthday?????

    If it is, I know somebody is gone to freak………..

  44. Actually it is Wednesday.

  45. Yeah, NEXT Wed..

    Mine is THIS Tues, and everybody has to buy me a shot.

  46. I’ll drink to your birthday! ! ! ! !

    Jimbo AND FRIST!!! having birthdays?????

    My, my! That causes for a double shot a whiskey!

  47. Thanks Whore, has your mail come yet??

  48. Oh hell yes…………………drinks for everybody…………

  49. The Whore of The Office

    ha. NO! So I drank to it not coming..

    pst, new post.

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