Courtney Stodden’s Auditioning Dudes

December 10th, 2012 // 12 Comments

Courtney Stodden Video Auditions

Courtney Stodden is apparently getting ready to film a music video and naturally needs some sort of man-thing to grind against because Doug is 80. Fortunately he’s there to supervise the whole process because he’s completely straight and into banging Courtney. You can tell by the way he undresses the other dudes with his eyes. That’s how you know.

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[Ed. Note: What's up, everybody? Just a quick note if you didn't notice Photo Boy running things today, I'm in New York doing whatever horrible, unspeakable acts need to be done to keep our dick joke machines online. As for this post.. thingy, killing two birds with one stone by testing out some new shit and doing someone a solid. I'm also naked just to make this even more impressive. - SW]

[Adding… And I just now learned I left Photo Boy to compete against this all consuming, and adorable, beacon of Internet. He never stood a chance.]


  1. When I saw that title I thought she was auditioning men for her porno debut. Kinda disappointed.

  2. MissJonsey

    Anna Nicole Smith, Version 4.0

  3. El Jefe

    I would not mind her auditioning for me.

  4. Fish is in New York? *keeps a wary eye out*

  5. Whatever

    Doug is 52, NOT 80, and he is a fairly nice looking man. And if they love & care for each other, who cares!

  6. kery

    she looks so plastic and she is only 18 years old ;0)

  7. Mel

    I think she actually looks alot better in these pictures- her makeup has improved!

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