Courtney Stodden Sold Her Sex Tape For $1 Million

Not even two days ago, we learned that Courtney Stodden was shopping a sex tape because one of TMZ’s hobbies is doing PR for Vivid who apparently is willing to spend $1 million for a “solo sex tape” where you don’t even see the dongs going in. I’m not a porn king – Yet, Dad. – but I believe the proper response here is, “BWHA?!”

When TMZ broke the story that the 20-year-old’s solo vid was getting shopped around … Hirsch said he was impressed by what he’d seen. Now we know just how impressed.
Hirsch fired off a letter to Courtney offering her $1 million to lock up exclusive rights. The letter hints at bonuses … saying there’s potential for her to make even more than the mil.
Ball’s in her court now — but we’re guessing she’s on board, and reached that decision in less time than it took for you to read this sentence.

As for what’s so impressive about a sex tape that has to be the human equivalent of watching a Barbie doll rub itself right down to the hole-less, feature-less vulva-bump, here were your guesses:

“Most porn stars don’t make with the alliteration on camera: ‘Powerfully pumping this polystyrene penis to pleasure my pussy!’JC

“In fairness, I haven’t seen anyone try to shove a parking cone up their ass yet. No, wait… yes I have, Never mind.”Statler N. Waldorf

“‘Unique footage.’ I’m thinking that’s Vivid code for baby talking to the vibrator as she rubs it around her stretched pepperoni peaked zeppelins.”Cock Dr

“Did the Russians fly her up to the International Space Station so she could frig herself in zero gravity? Which I’d totally watch, by the way.”Frederick Buddha

Photo: Instagram