Courtney Stodden Bought A New Face

Now that she’s appearing on VH1’s Couple Therapy, Courtney Stodden has ramped up tweeting pics of his/her fake tits because you have to give the he/she credit, she knows Internet. (Case in point: She also constantly tweets dog photos of – wait for it – “Dourtney!”) Except in the most recent batch, her face looks like a completely different person, so somebody obviously blew her VH1 money on new cheeks even though Playboy already told her she’s too enhanced. Then again, you know who doesn’t care what you’ve done to your body? Porn. No, really. One time this chick’s mom made her get peed on and porn was all like, “How’d you like to be famous?” True story.

UPDATE: And she took it out for a spin.

Photos: Twitter