Courtney Stodden Is So Fresh-Faced And Alive

Courtney Stodden really wants you to believe the paparazzi are always camped out at her house as she comes walking home from Starbucks each morning – Sigh. The life of a star, amirite? – so here she is wearing the least amount of make-up possible because virtually everyone looked at her before pics and went, “What the fuck happened?” Which is why I’m also going to assume she’s making the most natural faces I’ve ever seen anyone make in their life. What pretty, non-surgically-altered young girl doesn’t look like she’s trying not to swallow her tongue in the middle of a seizure? I feel like I’m back in high school. “Hey, guys, let’s hide under the bleachers and watch the girls stroke out! It’ll be rad,” we used to say.

Photos: GSI Media