Courtney Stodden’s Mom Wants Her Own Reality Show Now, Of Course

November 7th, 2012 // 33 Comments
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“Why spend money sending your daughter to college when implants cost less than one semester?” – Read More in Redbook

If Kris Jenner has taught us anything, it’s that America rewards mothers who whore out their daughters then climb atop of said whoring for their own fame and fortune while discarding their children like hollowed out husks, devoid of delicious whore juice. Which is really the only way I can describe Courtney Stodden‘s mom Krista Keller‘s trying to land her own reality show. Via HuffPost Celebrity:

I have been asked to do interviews all over the world, but wasn’t comfortable until I sat down with the ‘Couples Therapy’ lead therapist, Dr. Jenn Berman. After that, I felt great. The producers told me I was incredible, and [they] wished there had been more of me in the show,” says Krista. “Now there is talk about doing a momager reality show, and I’m very interested.”

I should be asking who the hell wants to watch a woman that sold her teenage daughter to an elderly man that will eventually stuff her corpse into a bus station locker, but again, Kris Jenner’s on TV so literally anything’s possible. Right now somebody’s looking at Casey Anthony headshots going, “Hmm, maybe…”

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  1. Molly Shannon could play her on tv. Lilo could be Courtney. I would never watch the real ones. :D

  2. Archie Leach

    After the positive feelings engendered by the re-election of Obama and the rejection of the plain fucking stupidity moronism of the reSCUMlicans, reality has slugged me straight into the face with shit like this and my normality of the hatred of humanity has been faithfully restored to me.

  3. drunk at noon

    Which one’s the mom? Aren’t these two middle-aged sisters?

  4. … and shit like this is one of the reasons why I don’t watch TV. I mean, there’s tons of porn on the internet, so why would I?

  5. USDA Prime McBeef

    mother/daughter humiliation porn is reality, but for some reason porn is generally not shown in a weekly episodic format.

  6. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    I dont see a problem here. Seriously. I like whores.

  7. cc

    Here’s a horrifying scenario. Courtney and her husband stay overnight at Krista Keller’s home; Krista is laying in bed and can’t get to sleep because Courtney and the troll are having loud sex in the room next door.

  8. Deacon Jones

    I can honestly say I’d watch this program.

    I’ve gotten the act of pulling up my pants and shoving the Jergens bottle under a pillow in 1 second flat down to an art form when the wife walks down the stairs.

  9. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    ew! What a skank-trying to be sexy with her mom! That is just so foul. Hopefully the media will stop giving her attention, as I don’t think she even deserves as many years as the media gave to the overrated Heidi and Spencer.

  10. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    Awwww…..that’s precious. A pimp and her whore baking a cake.

  11. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    This looks like a healthy mother/daughter relationship. No wonder she ended up in the arms of a child molester.

  12. JC

    So wait: Courtney and Chester the Molester couldn’t get their own reality show, so they had to jump on Couples Therapy to keep up the fame whoring, but somehow the mom of the chick who couldn’t get her own reality show thinks she should have a reality show? Interesting.

  13. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    I just want someone to tell her to lay off the frosted pink lipstick. It accentuates her thin lips and her little Chiclet teeth!

  14. Samshersaurus

    Is it just me… or does she seriously look like she’s closing in on her mom’s age?

  15. dude

    don’t even care enough about this post to comment.

  16. Sheppy


  17. I want to do the mom more, she looks more natural and experience. Plus, her body parts won’t fall off.

  18. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    is she stirring the batter with a carrot? that’s not how you make carrot cake, silly whore!

  19. angerinside

    Ok when we last left the two Mayors of Sticky Town, I was wishing them a lovely and short future in the thriving metropolis of Fingure Skunk. I see I neglected to look deeper into the old Crystal Ball of Sleaze and include darling mother. Well let’s see. Ah yes, here it is. Mom leaves behind a bloated, hot pants wearing, neck wattle wagging corpse at Sam Sizzlin’s Chum Bucket after trying to injest the 72 oz. Road Kill Special in the hopes of winning a free half hour with a para-legal who’s totally going to negotiate a contract for the rights to Courtney’s Intervention, while also totally sticking it to ex-husbannd number 4, who we all know fingered Courtney and took back the trailer anyway.

  20. Jade

    Its cute how flattered she is that the TV industry wants to exploit her stupidity in front of the world for financial gain.

    She did do a rather good job of legalizing child rape. Go Mom!

  21. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s so freakin’ gross!

  22. ChicaGirl

    I didn’t realize a 52 year old guy is considered “elderly”,& why do people call him a “child molester”, when Courtney clearly does NOT look like a “child”, & is now legally an adult. People stop hating, these two are both consenting adults now, & if they want to be together, than let them be

  23. TV show? Hell, I see a movie here. A very naughty movie.

  24. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    These are the worst humans.

  25. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    Jesus Christ, can’t that bitch EVER act normal? Use a fork you FUCKING WHORE! Argh!

  26. El Jefe

    I am down for a Mother Daughter 3 some with these two.

  27. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    I forgot. No one gives a shit.

  28. Mama Pinkus

    I guess we no longer need to wonder how Courtney became such a freak show.

  29. marbles

    Is it me or is the mom hotter than the plastic barbie doll?

  30. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    That face she makes. I don’t get it.

    • Arlene

      Her major problem is she has actually thinks that shit is sexy, when it’s really cartoonish. People aren’t laughing with her. She needs to get rid of mommy and hubby and get responsible management that isn’t just interested in possibly making a quick buck. It’s actually a shame. She used to be really pretty.

  31. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    Her mom looks like a 90s porn star.

  32. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    Little stupid slut…as far as i remember she said that she was from christian family and was brought up in modesty and would follow their traditions blah blah blah…but just look at her skimpy dresses showing much cleavage and this particular top…

  33. Roni

    You’ve got to be kidding me…mom is def trying to get daughter to get the $…so she can live better…disgusting

  34. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    What’s the big deal? Me and my Mom bake in our bra and panties all the time. I think my only complaint is I wish my Mom would keep her fingers out of my mouth. Especially after what she touches. I’m kind of a germ-a-phobe that way.

  35. Courtney Stodden Lingerie Mom Baking
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like Godzilla forcing the main course to help with prep.

    What a freakish difference in the two.

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