Courtney Stodden Wears Lingerie To Bake With Her Mom. Who Doesn’t?

“So are we making a batch that don’t have your tits in them or is there not enough time before the bake sale?”

Another week, another round of staged Courtney Stodden pics that have to make Heidi and Spencer kick themselves for not saying Heidi was eight. Anyway, this time around we have Courtney enjoying some quality time with her mom Krista Keller because what mother doesn’t long to spend a quiet afternoon baking with her teenage daughter’s tits hoisted into her face? It’s the whole reason for having kids in the first place.

KRISTA: So how’s your daughter doing? Courtney just spent the whole afternoon wearing the sluttiest outfit in the kitchen. She might as well have been topless her implants she begged and begged for were so far out.
FRIEND: Ohmygod, you’re so lucky. Mine just studied all day and talked about going to college.
KRISTA: Oh, no, that’s awful. You should drown her the tub.
FRIEND: We’ve talked about it.

Photos: Glen McCurtayne/Coleman-Rayner