Courtney Stodden’s In A Lettuce Bikini Again

July 17th, 2014 // 37 Comments

Because shoving giant cartoon tits into a lettuce bikini is the most effective, if not the only way to truly save the animals, here’s Courtney Stodden handing out veggie dogs at a PETA event on Capitol Hill yesterday. You’ll also notice her mother keeps seductively rubbing Courtney’s stomach because moms do that and go, “Hey, remember that Whitesnake concert back in ’86? What were you 30? 32? God, we steamed up that van making that video for those roadies. We never do things anymore.”

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  1. Guest

    An ageless beauty.

  2. Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini
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    I’d take the mother.

  3. Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini
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    You’re FULL. Of. Shit.

  4. Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini
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    It’s hard to imagine that PETA would accept a spokesthing who has various body parts made out of yak fat and a bloodstream coursing with bull hormones.

    • They’re fucking hypocrites when it serves their purpose. When Mary Beth Sweetland was a PETA executive she campaigned vigorously against medical research on animals, even though she was a diabetic and her life-saving insulin contained animal products and was tested on animals.

      “I have no qualms about it…. I don’t see myself as a hypocrite. I need my life to fight for the rights of animals.”

      Stunning disconnect, yes? So with PETA, everyone else can die – but since they’re working for animals, it’s for the greater good, see?

      • Not a big fan of PETA, but what a load of crap. We have a choice regarding what we consume, and the fact is that while it requires a bit more planning, one can be healthy on a diet that excludes animal products. ” …everyone else can die…” Nobody dies as a result of a well designed vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, so you comment is a tad extreme. And while animal testing MAY lower research costs, there are almost always humane and non-lethal methods for testing that would similarly cost no lives.
        Diabetes, on the other hand, kills people. Not your hyperbole death, but real death. At the time that animal-based insulin was the only method of production, I am sure that Ms. Sweetland would have preferred an insulin that did not use animal testing or animal-based production. Given no viable alternative. however, she accepted that human life trumps animal life. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. Insulin production today is primarily non-animal based, so the point is moot. And while these new production methods are the result of technological advancements, the funding for that research may have in part been a result of pressure from groups like PETA, so your example is actually a very poor one.
        If for some odd deep-rooted personal issue you still feel it necessary to bash PETA, you need go no further than the images of Coutney Stodden as a PETA rep. Focus on the real atrocity.

  5. Great, another outbreak of shiga toxin producing E. coli associated with lettuce.

  6. I can’t wait for her to be found face down in a dumpster with her lettuce panties around her ankles.

  7. Goooooooo NATURAL! Yays!

  8. Arlmlo Schlongfooster


  9. Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini
    Deacon Jones
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    mmm….I love sluts….I love love love them

  10. All the parts of a good burger are there:
    1) lettuce
    2) tomato
    3) meat
    4) buns
    Just needs assembly.

  11. Bill

    Go Veg. Yeah – she’s already beaten us there cause she’s about as dumb as a head of lettuce.

    And I’m sorry lettuce for insulting you.

  12. B.L.T. Boobs, Lettuce and Tard.

  13. Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini
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    Yeah, touch her like that, mom. That’s hot.

  14. I don’t believe for a second she’s not scarfing down handfuls of meat in her spare time. In every orifice possible.

  15. Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini
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    She looks pretty cute here. I totally would.

  16. Guest

    Kesha is looking pretty good. Drew Barrymore, not so much.

  17. Bittersweet Lenny

    Wilted lettuce bikini & road kill wig…this girl needs psychological help, and soon. I’m bereft of shade to throw at her. FCUK her parents, though.

  18. Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini
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    Nice salad. Huge tomatoes.

  19. Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini
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    Her face looks a bit different. Has she been dating Chris Brown or did Dougie break her fucking nose when she walked out on him?

  20. Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini
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    Sadly the mother is “morphing” herself. What a proud mother?

  21. Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini
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    What a fucken Bitch. That hot dog was once a pig eating and shiting in the same place and she’s eating it.

  22. Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini
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    Bros and Sisters, “WTF?, “Them Cracker robots can walk now!”

  23. AteIsEnough

    I think it’s time to “Heidi & Spencer” her!! Quit posting her, she’s a complete loser and failure and I cringe when you have her on here.

  24. When it appears that the most stable choice you’ve made in your life is marrying a man 34 years older than you, people should ask “WTF”.

  25. Dr Bunsen

    Wait, I thought calling them vegetables was like calling them retards – no longer PC. Damnit it PETA, keep up.

  26. Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini
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    I’m 100 positive they BOTH use to be packin the weenar

  27. Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini
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