Courtney Stodden Doesn’t Have Implants

After your moms couldn’t stop all their jelly with Courtney Stodden, our poor pleasantly pleasing princess was left with no choice but to get paid by Dr. Drew to take an ultrasound on his new show Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers and prove that she doesn’t have implants. Which is apparently what happened:

Dr. Drew – “That is all normal tissue we are looking at…”
Plastic Surgeon Dr. John Diaz – “I guess she was telling us the truth. She doesn’t look like she has an implant.”
Dr. Drew – “You do not have an implant…is there a relief to finally set the record straight?”
Courtney Stodden – “It is. Yes. Thank you.”

Two things:

1. Amy Grindhouse, someone with more knowledge of breasts because she has a pair, points out that the ultrasound wouldn’t detect fat transfers, ala Kim Kardashian’s ass X-ray, thus rendering this entire production completely pointless. Ala Kim Kardashian.

2. If you watch the video (after the jump), it looks to me like they actually found an implant and then proceeded to pretend they didn’t. Because, seriously, look at Courtney’s face when the ultrasound technician says they found something under the muscle. That’s the face of someone realizing she just got screwed over by Dr. Drew and not someone who’s been falsely accused of lying. Then again, I’m assuming some sort of cognizance in regards to her surroundings. I should probably stop doing that.

TECH: Yup, we found an implant.
COURTNEY: *thinks about lollipops*

Photo: Ryan Burch/Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers