‘Let’s Celebrate Equality With Courtney Stodden’s New, Misshapen Boobs!’ Said No Gay Ever

It’s been an oddly barren breast desert this week (I know people from the south have magic, Paula Deen. I’ve seen True Blood.), so here’s Courtney Stodden squeezing her new implants into a rainbow bikini because she loves gay rights so much and is not at all capitalizing on an event she knows nothing about. Her grandma was in a DOMA once. How dare you?

But if these are doing nothing for you, someone built “The Homer” from the Uncle Herb episode of The Simpsons which would fill even Michael Jackson with enough joy to make his corpse rise from the grave. And then go right back in after realizing that’s not a real little boy in the back, but you get my point.

Photos: Matthew Symons/Coleman-Rayner