Courtney Stodden Goes to Hollywood

Child-bride, if you actually believe she’s not at least 24, Courtney Stodden apparently talked erotically tweeted her “husband,” LOST star Doug Hutchinson into a trip to LA over the Labor Day weekend because here she is walking down Hollywood Blvd. where somehow the paparazzi were able to pick her out amongst a sea of women who look exactly like her. Although in their defense, these photos are kind of blurry, so more than likely Doug took them on his phone and sold them because I actually respect the paparazzi more than two people trying to land a reality series. On that note, I love how Courtney is carrying a coffee drink in one hand, cellphone in the other. It’s like she’s going down a checklist only to get to “Step 3. Sex Tape” and realize she boxed herself in with the “I’m only 16!” shenanigans. Then again, it’s not the like the Internet wouldn’t watch a sex tape that was nothing but the GIF below the cut because let’s stop kidding ourselves, everyone on here is a pedophile. I’ve done the pie charts.

Courtney Stodden GIF

Photos: INFdaily / GIF via BestWeekEver