Courtney Stodden Used To Look Like This

Sorry for two Courtney Stodden posts today, but these pictures literally came across my desk (Easy…) right after the pumpkin patch fiasco, and they needed to be seen. What you’re looking at is not Chloe Sevigny, but a pre-Courtney Stodden Courtney Stodden before she found herself lured in by the seductive glow of tanning salons and essentially selling yourself into sexual slavery under the guise of child bridalry. And what’s great about these photos is you can actually see her devolve into a whore right in front of your eyes. It’s almost as if some sort of switch is flipped in young girls the minute they take a cellphone pic of themselves next to a toilet. Which judging by Courtney’s current age, probably took place around 1989 when she was a young girl of 18, locking herself in her room each night with a can of Aqua Net and dreaming of seducing anyone on TV. Literally anyone.

Photos: GSI Media