Courtney Stodden Dropped Her Cartoon Boobies Off in a Toys for Tots Bin

Courtney Stodden loves Christmas. She loves it so much that last year she made a song about banging Santa Claus. Charles Dickens would have been proud. This year she’s getting into the holiday spirit by paying some poor photographer to take pictures of her bringing this Barbie doll she bought at a CVS to a toy drive at whatever strip club she’s working at.

Gone are the days when she spent her Christmases getting plowed by Horace from Lost who bought her hand in marriage at age 17, you’re looking at a more mature version of Stodden’s cartoon boobs that are more interested in giving than receiving. So what if the box reeks of cheap champagne and fried food, whoever gets that Barbie doll is going to be thrilled… just as thrilled as the parents who had to leave this playground when Courtney showed up and tried to teach their kids how to pole dance.

Class dismissed.

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