Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison Are Engaged Again Despite Never Getting Divorced

August 12th, 2014 // 30 Comments
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Courtney Stodden has been rapidly fading from relevancy yet is remarkably determined to not just throw in the towel and do porn which makes her a better person than Farrah Abraham. Then again, so is this bagel. Anyway, in a successful (because I’m a cheap clickwhore) Hail Mary pass to get back in the press, she’s announced she’s engaged to Doug Hutchison again even though they never legally dissolved their marriage in the first place. The important thing is that her mom decided the best cover story instead of admitting every single move has been a calculated business move from the start is that her daughter just wanted to get banged a lot. FOX 411 reports:

[Krista] Keller says her daughter has had time to “experience other men” during their break and she now “want[s] to be with her original choice, her husband.”

Krista added, “Now that she’s no longer interested in sex, marriage is the perfect place for Courtney to be right now. Think of it as a sanctuary. A fuckless safe haven if you will.”

Photos: Coleman-Rayner


  1. Cock Dr

    True love is possible….but only if you have breast implants the size of beach balls.

  2. just puked in my mouth a little.

  3. Short Round

    These two are still alive?

  4. I literally don’t care.

    I mean I do, because I was enjoying the last 6 months or so of not being bombarded with her vacant, soulless face every day, but i don’t care in the usual sense. I care in the sense that I wish they would die.

  5. Her: “No publicity is bad publicity!”
    Him: “Pretend sex is better than no sex.”

    • I suspect they were both broke and needed the publicity/money.She’s looking straight at the camera. They’ve never even had sex. You can tell by their body language. Fucking idiots.

  6. Just like a fairy tale.


  7. buzz

    Married too young, realized that she still had some wild oats to sow but through wisdom from her experiences she found her way back home….all by the ripe old age of fucking 19.

    What she really learned was “working” for a living sucked and not every man she banged would allow her access to their bank cards.

  8. She has the legs of a 50 year-old.

  9. Marketing Mike

    I’m sure getting back together with her gay Sugar Daddy
    had nothing to do with being broke, getting no publicity,
    and being forced to move back in with her Mom.

  10. I’m super-stoked that words have no meaning anymore. Marriage, divorce, engagement, potato. It’s a linguistic free-for-all!

  11. No porn? Goddammit.

  12. Courtney Stodden Bikini Valentine's Day
    Commented on this photo:

    Say what will gents, but I will have no trouble entertaining myself with her if duty calls.

  13. Huh, I’d never guess Courtney Stodden was a follower of Jaques Derridas. Ya know, with the relative meaning of words and stuff.

  14. patti calagna

    The mother is the idiot in this money-making charade. Where is the
    mother, the protecter, the nuturer not the pimp momager that wants to make money off of her daugher. She must be an empty soul.

  15. Why is HE the one eating the strawberry?

  16. Courtney Stodden Bikini Valentine's Day
    Crystal's Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    Translation: the attention faded after she left the scary-looking pedo, so she is back to fucking him in exchange for helping her stage the most redonkulous staged photo sessions the world has ever seen.

    Atheists should celebrate, however, because the continued existence of these two shit stains and the Kardashians proves that there is no God.

  17. Soooo…the sleazy little tramp managed to suck him back in…I didn’t mean to say…well, yeah, that’s exactly what I was trying to say…

  18. No

    fuck off and stop polluting the earth already!

  19. D-chi

    I’m ashamed to say that at first glance I thought this was Jenna Marbles and that we’d finally gotten some quality journalism.

  20. What I want to know is : why won’t she share the self-tan with him?

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