Courtney Stodden Is A Good Christian Woman

November 28th, 2011 // 155 Comments

What you’re looking at is sweet, innocent, God-fearing Courtney Stodden enjoying a fine Sunday full of church and some light afternoon shopping. And I was going to write a fictitious tweet about her wholesome day of worship and reverence, but after looking at her Twitter account from the past 48 hours, there’s absolutely no way I can top this shit:

Provocatively preparing my provokingly perky package for a pulsating night filled with puurfect party passion – meow ;)
Had such a satisfying Saturday night – Feeling ready to lock myself up, strip off my wear & bounce into a daring evening of erotic dreams…
Caressing the essence of Christmas with my flirty spirit as I festively dive into a sexy santa suit & jingle my bells to hot holiday hits!
Mr Santa Clause? If I let you seductively slide down my stalking & taste every piece of my candy… will I still be on your naughty list?

Christ. I’m pretty sure that last one counts as a sex crime. Alright, I’ll try one.

Had such a heavenly Sunday at church. I could feel Jesus rising up in me, pulsating my very spirit until my Jingle balls jangled juicily.

(Do child brides say “juicily?” I can’t keep up with these kids and all are their crazy fads. Get off my lawn.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Courtney Stodden Cleavage Church
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    What’s so bad about her? She’s looking classy and confident. Why does everyone seem to have a problem with that?

  2. I think she’s sexy. I know none of the guys insulting her on this site would kick her out of bed. I’d fuck her, gladly.

  3. Courtney Stodden Cleavage Church
    Haggy har har
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    She getting 1 last good scratch at those crabs before church right quick

  4. Courtney Stodden Cleavage Church
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  5. Courtney Stodden Cleavage Church
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    Gramma lady to Doug: “Oh how lovely you’ve bought your daughter to church. trying to get her off the streets and away from prostitution? good luck to you my son”

  6. Courtney Stodden Cleavage Church
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    her and tila tequila really need to become acquainted. media whores UNITE

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