Courtney Stodden Says ‘Eat Your Vegetables’

And is also a bunny. Did I not mention that?

Presumably unbeknownst to PETA, unless they’re trying to to immediately shed what little credibility they have left in which case, well played, Courtney Stodden has made herself the unofficial spokesperson for vegetarianism because she has a new video making the Internet rounds today where she tells people that eating vegetables will improve their sex lives – while holding a tomato. Even more hilariously, it turns out her reality show hasn’t been picked up, so she’s resorted to filming her own web series which I also posted a clip from down below where you’ll be just as amazed as I was that it flopped considering she spends eight whole minutes complaining her foot hurts. I just assumed glass heels were built for comfort. Anyway, apparently Bravo will air eight different shows about long-con prostitutes, but balks at the mere mention of pretend child brides. Well, this is MERKA! Also, this chick will literally do anything for money, and exploitation is also MERKA! Why do you hate MERKA?

(Anyone else surprised she didn’t fellate the deformed tomato? Us, too.)

(Quick Note: I literally couldn’t make it more than a minute into this, so to answer the inevitable barrage of “Fish, how the hell did you miss ______ ?” I respect myself and have a moderate-to-strong sense of self-worth.)

Photos: Jeff Rayner/Coleman-Rayner