Courtney Stodden Still Believes In America

America has a lot of problems right now. Our gun laws are murderously lax to the point where you can just shoot a black kid for carrying Skittles and get away with it, a legitimate potential presidential candidate literally wants to make porn illegal thanks to every single red state declaring war on the female vagina until it becomes nothing more than a walking cattle chute for babies, and probably most alarming to me because I’m a white male who really doesn’t worry about that other stuff if I don’t want to, our current president has offered to do everything in his power to facilitate the making of an Entourage movie. Except despite all that adversity, this is still a country where a young, once-innocently beautiful girl like Courtney Stodden can watch reality stars on her TV sexualize their way to fame and untold riches and follow in their footsteps by turning herself into an erotic fiction tweeting child-bride that people will swear was born a boy. So we may not get everything right, America, but dammit, we get it right where it count- Holy shit, stray bullet! Quick, hand me a vagina without a baby in it to use as a shield!

Photos: Coleman-Rayner