Courtney Stodden Is Bernie Sanders’ October Surprise, In March

Originally, this post was going to be about Sarah Palin finding new ways to say “n-gger” in Florida while her husband potentially dies of a collapsed lung from a snowmobile accident in Alaska. But that was before Courtney Stodden dropped the biggest bombshell endorsement of the entire election season even though I guarantee you she has no idea who or what a Bernie Sanders even is. And I’m not even going to joke that she thought he was the chicken guy because she doesn’t know who that is either. This is a simple case of somebody saying, “Why don’t you do something with your giant cartoon breasts?” and her responding, “I’m secretly a 45-year-old woman, but okay.”

Me & Mr. Sanders have a thing going on… 😏 #MrPresident #TalkBernieToMe #CrushingHard #BernieSanders 💯🍾

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