Courtney Stodden Is An Actress Now (The Other Kind)

Despite being perfectly engineered for porn, Courtney Stodden is determined to do anything but porn provided you don’t count the professionally produced sex tape she already made. So here she is taking a turn at some serious acting that hopefully people will stumble on while trying to look at her tits. Which is crazy effective, and how I’m not not homeless, so well played.

While doing some research online regarding crack addicted prostitutes living on the streets of Oklahoma City, I was moved by one woman’s story in particular. Afterward, I was inspired to see if I could ultimately do her justice by “playing” her in an acting scene. Thus, I created the character, “Tamra Munn” … and thought I’d share her with you.

Oh, wait a minute, Courtney Stodden is doing this for “justice” and not for self-promotion. My bad, everybody, cancel the movie and TV offer- *suddenly hears clapping sound getting louder and louder* She’s running right for me, isn’t she? *listens again* Eh, I still got a mile or two left.

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Photo: Instagram