Courtney Love Shot Down Russell Brand

May 9th, 2014 // 20 Comments
Comedy Handjob, Sir?
Russell Brand
Russell Brand Jerked Off A Dude For A Documentary Read More »

In the past, Courtney Love has claimed that Gavin Rossdale slept with her while he was with Gwen Stefani, and that Dave Grohl banged Frances Bean because he was obsessed with Kurt Cobain. Also, she’s Courtney Love which in hindsight was all the background you needed here. Apologies. Via Starpulse:

The 49-year-old rocker – who was famously married to late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain until his death in 1994 – has claimed she spurned the comedian’s advances because of his “musky” stench.
Appearing on British talk show ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’, which airs tonight (05.09.14), she recalled: “When we were friends, he tried to hit on me. He goes, ‘I have had a lot of grand conversations, darling, but none of them have ended in an orgasm. Can we go in a room?’
“I said to him, ‘Russell, you are too musky for me, man.’ He is a little musky. We did yoga together and the musk was there.”
While Courtney refused to be a notch on Russell’s list of sexual conquests, the pair remain friendly and she even thinks of him as a British “national treasure”.

In fairness, Russell Brand is a known sex addict, and Courtney Love strikes me as the type of person who requires a wheelchair from time-to-time, so that side of the puzzle adds up. As for her turning him down, theoretically she is a human woman and therefore can go for years, if not decades, without sexual intercourse which is how we know they evolved from the camel. I’ve done the science.

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  1. pbjuicy

    Linda Hogan, Lindsay Lohan and Mickey Rourke want their look back.

  2. The Most Interesting

    “Avert your eyes, children! She may assume other forms!”

  3. Courtney Love
    Commented on this photo:

    I guess heroin adds a lot of mileage to your face. Even so, she’s still hotter than Kim or Khloe.

  4. PassingTrue

    Even Chef wouldn’t believe she is a succubus.

  5. The most shocking thing for me is that Courtney Love has survived 49 years.

  6. Hard to tell who would have the muskier stench out of the two of them. Mind you, Brand would likely be the result of plain old poor hygiene, while hers would be from the rot.

  7. Even after his death, Milton Berle is still wearing women’s clothes for a laugh.

  8. Who actually wants to put their dick in this dumpster fire? Russell Brand, you’re a sick man.

    • To be fair, he’s a sex addict, was probably on heroin, and for a lot of guys Courtney falls into Juliette Lewis ‘probably crazy in the sack because psycho bitch’ territory.

  9. cc


  10. Courtney Love
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    If Miss Piggy were a human. With apologies to Miss Piggy.

  11. Courtney Love
    Mama Pinkus
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    a corpse with collagen

  12. Jenn

    After all the coke that’s gone up that bitch’s nose, I am surprised she can smell anything but her own flesh rotting.


    Does anyone care what this murderess has to say? Whoops, she might sue me for saying that.

  14. Facts_

    Courtney Love is more attractive than Kim Kardashian, whom he also allegedly “bagged”.

    Personally I find Russell Brand repulsive, and that was even before he took a “tug” from a fat strange man at a health club.

  15. Courtney Love
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    Dayum! Check out the chest yams on Grandpa!

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