Courtney Love Had a Batsh*t Art Show, Will No Longer Profit From Kurt Cobain

Posted by Photo Boy

It’s probably no great feat for a 19-year-old to outwit their insane, drug addict mother (heroin-crumb trail into a cage works everytime), but Frances Bean Cobain did exactly that by getting Courtney Love to release control of Kurt Cobain’s publishing rights in exchange for a 2.75 million dollar loan. Via Page Six:

Until the loan is repaid, Love won’t profit at all from Cobain, and 19-year-old Frances Bean will run the show.

I honestly can’t believe it’s taken this long. That kid was more qualified to handle that estate before she could even walk. Not like it matters anyway because Courtney’s a famous artist now. She’s completely on Banksy’s level with pieces like this. And I think it’s safe to say that Kurt Cobain’s huge penis was the muse for this stunning work of genius. BAM, suck it Frances Bean! “You can keep your multi-million dollar publishing empire because I taught this troll who lives in my paint brush jar how to make Xanax from a charcoal pencil.” Did I mention Courtney Love is an insane drug addict? Because Courtney Love is an insane drug addict.

Photo: Fame/Flynet, WENN