1. LittleCupcakes

    Damn, all things considered, like drugs and booze and narcissism and envy and a tits-up superstar scumbag hubby, she doesn’t look too much like a bruised-up, sore-ridden crack whore.


  2. Jase

    my eyes cannot unsee.

  3. Thomas

    And people wonder why Kurt Cobain killed himself? I would have shot myself too knowing this was waiting for me at home…

  4. Jade

    Courtney has always liked to shock … unfortunately for Courtney everyone is over Courtney being ‘shocking’ … next!!

  5. One of the masses

    Aww c’mon now. Its Monday morning. iieeww

  6. caligrrl

    Note to self: Drugs and self portraits do not mix.

  7. ew WHY?

    wth for real??

  8. BiJenni

    Someone had to take that pic, right? So someone was in the same room with her, right? So someone else wanted to see her naked, right? So let’s find that someone and kill them, right?

  9. kingofbeer


  10. Nigel

    She has big feet.

  11. The Real TAB

    Didn’t she just paint herslf weeks ago, looking like the picture of health? New face transplant, body, etc..I see now good habits die hard..way to go Courtney, just another nail in the coffin why Frances Bean can’t stand your syringe-sore ass!

  12. Tyler

    Who took the picture? Frances Bean?

  13. Lovemypussyhairthick

    She looks like she smell, and I mean down there.

  14. Stelz

    only courtney love could accidently tweet a naked picture of herself to the world instead of to just her bf

  15. Willy Wonka

    She could shoot heroin straight into my dick just before I slide it into her ass…

  16. spoof

    100% total sag and loose flab. Are those dimply bulging hernia looking thingies left over from her gastric bypass surgery and liposuction? She looks like a sick old gray mare hag on (heroin) tranquilizers……………….beyong gross! oh, and FYI, her feet are butt UGLY!

  17. Tommy Lee's Cock

    i think she looks fine. better then what i expected, actually.

  18. Hmmmmm

    well considering she’s made entirely of doll parts, oh never mind

  19. ATWood

    Is it just me or does this picture have an odor.

  20. cathi

    Are you all SO mean.

  21. anon

    iunno. considering her age and background, she looks okay to me.

  22. Velcro

    to caligirl:
    Drugs and self portraits DO mix – not letting the camera focus before snapping pic does not!

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