Courtney Love Committed a Hate Crime

October 4th, 2010 // 55 Comments

For reasons known only to her and a dozen heroin syringes, Courtney Love posted a picture of herself wearing nothing but dingy underwear on Twitter over the weekend, and I’m pretty sure we’ve invaded sovereign countries for less than this. Seriously, it’s like looking at Auschwitz, but without the warmth and comfort of knowing the person responsible shot himself in a bunker.

Full Size Original Version Here (LSFW)

Photo: Courtney Love


  1. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    Damn, all things considered, like drugs and booze and narcissism and envy and a tits-up superstar scumbag hubby, she doesn’t look too much like a bruised-up, sore-ridden crack whore.


  2. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    my eyes cannot unsee.

  3. LittleCupcakes

    Damn, all things considered, like drugs and booze and narcissism and envy and a tits-up superstar scumbag hubby, she doesn’t look too much like a bruised-up, sore-ridden crack whore.


    • All things considered that’s EXACTLY what a drunk, herion addicted, crack smoking, over ridden skank whore looks like… thank goodness for panties, I can almost smell the waft from between her crotchety thighs from here.

      • luckywonder13

        OMG! I felt as though I was smeeeling a dirty fishy stale kunny smell with the stench odor of skank. I almost puked! Then I took a look at those huge donkey hooves with growing on the big toenail and those weird looking hammer toes! I puked in my mouth! Totally TACKY TOTALLY GROSS! What a slovenly slobbish pose! And she needs a good de-licing on that dog patch matted gross head of hair she calls “blonde!” EEEWWWWW!

    • somebody's daughter

      So covered with scales, like those stinky ones on fish………..a little too many years of crustacean to consider her even remotely relevant.

  4. While the picture may be slightly NSFW, one of the thumbnails from the video results from the Bing search engine thing is very NSFW…I need to go wash my eyes with bleach…

  5. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    And people wonder why Kurt Cobain killed himself? I would have shot myself too knowing this was waiting for me at home…

  6. Jase


  7. Ash Bones

    What the hell is that odor i smell in here? How is this possible…….

  8. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    Courtney has always liked to shock … unfortunately for Courtney everyone is over Courtney being ‘shocking’ … next!!

  9. captain america

    on the other hand:

  10. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
    One of the masses
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    Aww c’mon now. Its Monday morning. iieeww

  11. swan

    At a certain age and after having kids, don’t you think it’s EXTREMELY tacky, narcissistic and adolescent to post naked pictures of yourself???

    Unless it’s your job and you’re good at it (Heidi Klum)

  12. Rough'stongue-in-cheeks

    Is Josh Dushamal aware Fergie suffers from mad cow disease behind her upper leg and ass cheeks…

    • luckywonder13

      She said this pic was intended for a “boyfriend.?” Who on god’s green earth would think this pose is sexy enough to send to a boyfriend!? It is totaly tasteless and tacky! She just reeks of stinky skank stench! Grossest feet on earth! Huge clod hoppers with hammer toes, bunions and stinky toe jam!

  13. CurtCobainsRottingCorpse

    Bitch shot me when I was passed out. Why the fuck doesn’t anyone know this!!! Plus, I used to write all her songs for her and her gay band….fuck you bitch!

  14. Ke$ha could probably still use said advice.

  15. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    Note to self: Drugs and self portraits do not mix.

  16. ChiChiBug

    Damn it, I was just getting over my alcohol intoxication from this past weekend, and you just made me vomit again!!!

    Why would anyone post a pic like this? Gross

  17. fester

    Less than two weeks ago we saw Courtney attending the Wall Street 2 premiere and looking like blonde Angelina and now this…

    Less is more, Courtney. Nudity and uh, light, are NOT your friends.

    • Cock Dr

      The positive comments on her movie premiere appearance must have gone to her head.
      It’s Courtney Love….so you have to assume it’s a case of mental illness & being high. She probably thinks this looks artsy fartsy fabulous.
      Earth to Courtney – please garb yourself ASAP.

  18. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    ew WHY?

    wth for real??

  19. suprgrl

    she is such an attention whore. give it up already, you are a fucking mess. no one wants to see your busted up body naked, even with clothes on she’s still hedious.

    She should have blown her head off…..what a waste.

  20. Lineman7

    Batshit Crazy

  21. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    Someone had to take that pic, right? So someone was in the same room with her, right? So someone else wanted to see her naked, right? So let’s find that someone and kill them, right?

  22. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    Okay, I just have to say Courtney for God sake or if nothing else your beautiful daughter, what the hell are you trying to prove, I don’t follow you so I wouldn’t have known about these had it not been for this mag but nonetheless what are you thinking, how is your daughter ever to have any sort of an example, I only pray she does have someone other than you she can count on cause she sure can’t count on you, anyday now sadly we’ll read from this magazing likely that you have finally gone and done it your gone, you over dosed, it will be sad, but the world will only mourn for your daughter not for you, sad but true, wake the hell up and smell the coffee girl wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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  24. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    She has big feet.

  25. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
    The Real TAB
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    Didn’t she just paint herslf weeks ago, looking like the picture of health? New face transplant, body, etc..I see now good habits die hard..way to go Courtney, just another nail in the coffin why Frances Bean can’t stand your syringe-sore ass!

  26. Imgonnafuckyouup

    she’s sick

  27. The truth

    No one will really give a shit when she dies. The end.

  28. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    Who took the picture? Frances Bean?

  29. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
    Willy Wonka
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    I’d would blow load after load inside her….

  30. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    She looks like she smell, and I mean down there.

  31. marcus

    Actually she looks pretty good for 46 and heavily drug scarred. Better than she looked in the 90s, anyway.

  32. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    only courtney love could accidently tweet a naked picture of herself to the world instead of to just her bf

  33. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
    Willy Wonka
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    She could shoot heroin straight into my dick just before I slide it into her ass…

  34. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    100% total sag and loose flab. Are those dimply bulging hernia looking thingies left over from her gastric bypass surgery and liposuction? She looks like a sick old gray mare hag on (heroin) tranquilizers……………….beyong gross! oh, and FYI, her feet are butt UGLY!

  35. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    wow. there’s a lot of hatred directed at the woman’s body here. While i don’t think Courtney is an upstanding person, she looks not too bad in these photos. For all the disgusted guys who are vomiting-i dare you to take a naked photo of yourself at 46 and see how great you look.

  36. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
    Tommy Lee's Cock
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    i think she looks fine. better then what i expected, actually.

  37. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    well considering she’s made entirely of doll parts, oh never mind

  38. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    Is it just me or does this picture have an odor.

  39. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    Are you all SO mean.

  40. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    iunno. considering her age and background, she looks okay to me.

  41. Courtney Love Nude Twitter Photo
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    to caligirl:
    Drugs and self portraits DO mix – not letting the camera focus before snapping pic does not!

  42. Disappointing!

    Yeah, hate, hate, hate. Good on ya’ll.

    Yoko Ono, Paula Yates, Courtney Love, they and others know that you just don’t want to be in a relationship with a popular creative male when they die, because idiot haters will make your life a misery forever after.

    Lady is hot, no way I’d say “no”. Druggo? Possibly. Crazy? Probably. Still has more success and talent than anyone who has slighted her. But go on, make yourself look stupid and tell me that “Kurt wrote all her music” … that shit always makes me laugh!

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