Courteney Cox talked to Brad Pitt? That bitch!

Despite being friends (Like the show!) with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and David Arquette spent Sunday night hanging out with Brad Pitt after running into him at a concert. Page Six reports:

Cox was at the Wiltern Theater in LA with husband David Arquette for the final stop on rocker Chris Cornell’s Scream album tour when Pitt showed up. Our backstage spy told us, “Instead of ignoring him, Courteney chatted away with Brad all night. The three were in great spirits and seemed really happy to see each other.”

In Courteney Cox’s defense, it must’ve been nice hanging out with someone who doesn’t shoot ice trails out of her vagina like freaking Iceman. Not that I’m saying Jennifer Aniston does, but then again, there’s a reason she’s always invited to cocktail parties. “Dammit, we’re out of ice. Someone tell Jen she should have kids while I go get a bucket.”

Photos: Getty