Courteney Cox is a good friend

brad_pitt_thumb1.jpgCourteney Cox allegedly snubbed Brad Pitt when they bumped into each other at the Beverly Hills Hotel and he tried to buy her a drink. An onlooker is quoted in The Sun as saying: “Brad really got the brush-off. Courteney saw him making his way across the room and swivelled in her chair to face the opposite way. Brad stood right next to her and tried to strike a conversation but she was having none of it. It was embarrassing for Brad. He had a few friends with him and she just made him look stupid. He tried to buy her a drink but she politely told the barman she didn’t want one. Brad walked away with his tail between his legs and a look of bemusement on his face.”

This is usually the part of the story where I point and laugh at Brad Pitt and how pitiful he’s become, but then I remember that he goes home to Angelina Jolie and has gotten her all sorts of pregnant. And then I curl up in the corner and curse fate for making me too sexy to be loved.