Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston kiss

March 28th, 2007 // 54 Comments

This is the much hyped lesbian kiss between Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston that aired on Dirt‘s season finale yesterday. It’s every bit as disappointing and pathetic as you imagined it might be. If lesbian kisses were race horses, this would be the little guy in the back who’s just kind of walking it, and then halfway through he lies down and takes a nap. Watching your grandma try to put in her dentures in the morning is probably hotter than this.


  1. Shiner_Man

    First! W00t!

  2. Shiner_Man


  3. At-Law

    Two washed up, slightly unattractive actresses kissing? Hmmmm…I would rather would Discovery channel and see two mountain goats head-butting.

    The goats have beards you know!

  4. thebor


    I know they are trying to get people to watch. They should have gone with a strap on scene.

  5. veggi

    I love goats.

  6. Jimbo

    @3 Washed up? I watching them kissing any day of the week. You can watch your goats humping and dogs licking them selves if that is what floats your boat.

    Now the strap on scene would be and added bounce. Which one is wearing the strap on???

  7. thebor

    It really doesn’t matter, but if I had my wish I guess, Cox would wear the cock. Through in Phoebe masterbating in the corner and you have Emmys Baby!

  8. Hemlock Queen

    WTF? That’s no lezzie kiss. That’s sisterly love!

    Although Cox’s face has less mobility due to all of those lovely Botox injections. Aniston’s still hot.

  9. Hemlock Queen

    Yes thebor, Cox has more mannish appeal.

  10. Nsomniac

    Something tells me the next part went like this:

    Aniston: Dude, you’re a fuckin’ LOUSY kisser.
    Cox: What? That’s not fair! I wasn’t TRYING there. I’m really bett… Wait a second, you were trying?
    Aniston: Fuck, no!
    Cox: You WERE trying!
    Aniston: YOU were trying! Oh no I kissed Cox!

    I saw more passion out of Jim and Stifler in AP2, and at least that was somewhat entertaining. What a weak attempt at helping a friend pull her career out of ruins. She just hasn

  11. bigponie

    That was such a half-ass kiss, it would of been better if jenny got on her knees and smelled courtney’s tuna.

  12. Jimbo

    @10 I agree with the AP2 comparision, but the scene made my man hood crawl up in side and hide

  13. schack

    #6 what’s hot and sharp and double-ended?

  14. schack

    your man hood or your manhood?

  15. What’s Dirt?

  16. Niecy

    They really made it seem like the kiss was going to be interesting. It was a little long, but besides that, it was just a see you later kiss.

  17. Jimbo

    So what is hot, sharp, and double-ended?

  18. IFuckingHateYou

    Last night was the first – and LAST – time that I watched “Dirt”. Rotten fuckers, leading me on like that and then throwing a weak-ass kiss like that out there.
    If I ran the FX network, I’d cancelled that crappy fucking show today.
    Fucking Fucktards.

  19. IFuckingHateYou

    And Courtney Cox looks like complete shit anymore.
    I guess she’s not bad for a 58 year-old grandma though.

    I’d still bang Aniston any day of Jolie – Brad Pitt is a stupid fucker.

  20. IFuckingHateYou

    I’d still bang Aniston any day OVER Jolie – Brad Pitt is a stupid fucker

  21. Italian Stallion

    Hershies has better kisses then that, WTF……

  22. Hecubus

    Well that’s certainly a homosexual kiss, not sure if it’s a lesbian kiss though.

  23. .
    It sounds like that Scene in “Not Another Teen Movie” Where the Hot young slut teaches the 90 year old dried up hag how to kiss…..except without the Hot young slut.

  24. Well, they got more action than I got last night….
    And wait, I thought I heard this story months ago. Is this a rerun? Once again, fucking dial-up at work, so I can’t even watch it. Doesn’t sound like it was all that interesting anyway, so I’m not going to throw a tantrum or anything. Is there any new posts yet?


    Now that the “kiss” is over would this dryed up Fugly old hag just go away. Instead of moving to NY, I hope she moves her NO talent self to the moon.

  26. jrzmommy♠

    Im surprised Angelina Jolie didn’t announce she found a cure for cancer yesterday, you know…just to upstage her yet AGAIN.

  27. Stuey75

    lol #26, that was awesome.

    anyone see the email where brad morfs into his current wife/girlfriend? too funny, what a puss

  28. whitegold

    This “news” reminds me of that old saying about the tree falling in the forrest and whether or not it would make a sound if nobody was around to hear it. You know what I mean?

  29. biatcho

    If I want to watch 2 dudes kissing I will stick with Six Feet Under reruns on Bravo… don’t need to watch this horrifying piece of ass show.

  30. tits_on_snack

    Well that was anticlimatic.
    What the hell is “Dirt” anyway? And why are these two on it? Oh wait nevermind, I don’t care.

  31. DrPhowstus

    @26 — The next episode of dirt will feature Jolie playing pin the tail on the donkey with Courtney Cox. nly the tail will be Jolie’s tongue and the donkey will be her wrinkled juicebox. True story.

  32. DrPhowstus

    Geeez, I need to learn to type with one hand… even cheap lesbian scenes invokes strong masturbation tendencies. I meant only of course, not nly. You know you wanted to know that.

  33. ChristmasOnMars

    That actually made my penis softer.

  34. vanessa ace

    wtf. this shit is lame.

  35. KatieKates

    They didn’t even use any tongue. That was pathetic.

  36. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    Keep in mind that the media is the one who hyped it up. Both Courteney Cox and Jen Aniston made comments that it wasn’t a big deal and that people were blowing it out of proportion.

  37. They edited out the part where I step in and triple-kiss them, MTV Spring Break-style.

  38. chiris

    Does Jenn have lice or something? She keeps scratching her head


    #29 That’s to funny

  40. Lowlands

    Is this a lesbian kiss or something?Looks more a pope-kiss to an altarboy to me,telling him he’s a good boy.

  41. How could a twohotchickskissing scene be so damned boring? Come on, internet!

  42. no1justminda


  43. wedgeone

    In case you’re wondering if David Arquette got a hardon from watching this, check this out (sure, it’s “Star” but if they said these two women were really androids, I’d have to think about it for a minute):

    “Star claims that Courteney is frequently surrounded by her “bitter girlfriends and the constant negativity may be taking a toll on her nearly eight-year marriage with David Arquette.”

    A source tells Star

  44. cynicalheretic

    I normally hold myself at a higher level than discussing the lives of celebrities, but seriously that was the most pathetic fucking kiss in history of kisses. I am a straight dude, but if you pay me 200,000 per episode, I would fucking suck the tounge out of some dudes mouth. Seriously you worthless hoes, give me something to tug on my pecker for.

  45. Ted...From LA

    Does anyone here hate the show Friends? I don’t find stupid people acting stupid all that entertaining. I never laughed once watching that show.

  46. diddleysquat

    Courtney is looking a little Michael Jackson-ish here… She needs to put on a few pounds.

  47. buzz_clik

    Uhhh… what just happened there? I’m sitting here, just waiting for it to happen, and next thing I know I’m faced with the little red squares declaring I can ‘share / watch again’. Did I miss it? Oh, wait, you mean that innocuous peck on the lips? THAT was it?! And did we really need one minute and 40 seconds of trite blabbing to precede such a non-event? Sheesh. You all suck, and I need my morning coffee now.

  48. dumbphuck

    #47 i couldn’t have said it better myself. seriously. i’m aint dun good wif da words ya see

  49. Manistoned

    Like everything else about her personality, Maniston faked again. Dirt sucks it hard. Courteney is starting to look like a botox mutant.

  50. Lowlands

    Is this seriously a much hyped lesbian kiss in the USA?Here in the office they’re laughing about this’lesbian kiss’.A grandmother kissing her grandchilds would be more spectacular.

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