Courteney Cox: ‘David Wanted Sex Too Much’

April 15th, 2011 // 89 Comments

Shortly after announcing their trial separation, David Arquette suddenly became an open book and went on Howard Stern to tell everyone Courteney Cox stopped having sex with him a month before they began filming Scream 4. Except, in a surprise move, she actually went on Stern with him yesterday and confirmed his story but with the caveat that David basically wants to do it at inappropriate times. Or has a penis for short. Via Us Magazine:

“This is one of our problems in our relationship. Whenever I would need consoling from David, he could not literally put his arm around me for one second without completely getting a boner.”
She added: “[He] was never like, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry your Dad is dying. Can we f**k?’”
Arquette, 39, interjected: “Come on!”
“No, that’s the truth,” she countered.
“That time I was good,” Arquette said. (Her father, Richard Cox, died of cancer in 2001.)

“Hey, remember when your dad died? I was totally cool with just a handy, so don’t say I never loved you!” Anyway, after hearing all of this, David basically slipped into depression and started pouting that Courteney needs to accept their marriage is completely over:

“I’m always ready for [Courteney],” Arquette explained. “I know I’m more in touch with what she needs now…She takes one sort of thing and she clumps it [and says] that’s what happens all the time in our relationship. It’s not really true.”
As the chat progressed, Arquette got even more frank (and despairing) with Cox: “I think you’re over it, baby. You just need to admit it and we just need to figure out next steps.”

Of course, this would’ve been a great time for Courteney to go, “Hey, you know what? You’re right,” but instead she decided to keep insisting her beach getaways with Josh Hopkins are purely platonic, thus toying even further with David’s emotions. Probably because he tried to fuck her when her dad died. I’m just tossing that out there:

Has Cox had sex since their announced split? “I have not had sex,” she insisted.
She also added that she’s not romantically involved with any of her Cougar Town costars (despite speculation about flings with Josh Hopkins and Brian van Holt). “They really don’t want to get involved in this mess. These guys actually really like David, and I’m also Executive Producer of the show, it’s kind of an awkward thing.”

I’m going to assume her co-stars not wanting to get involved has a whole lot more to do with Courteney Cox’s documented hatred of sex and less about David Arquette’s feelings which, clearly, no one in this situation cares about. To put things in perspective, ask any guy if they’d turn down having sex with Courteney Cox because it’d make her hipster doofus ex that lives off her money cry. I’d do it specifically because of that. Don’t get me wrong, she’s an attractive woman, but I’m a deep and complex person who hates anyone that still goes swing dancing. So, in a way, it’s like he wanted me to do it.

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  1. Courteney Cox David Arquette
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  2. Elle

    Who goes on Howard Stern with their ex to talk about their separation? This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • yeah, I dunno why, but I always thought Courteney would have more class than to share her (lack of) sex life on air. This is just all shades of awkward.

    • JJ

      Howard and the Cox -Arquetes are long standing friends. Plus Howard is the best interviewer in the world at getting people to open up about highly personal details.

      BTW most people who slag Howard have never heard him. I used to be a hater. Then I made myself listen for an hour. That was 6 years ago. Now I never miss him. He is the funniest thing on radio no question and one of the funniest performers in any media, bar none.

    • gigi

      well the whole frigging Arquette family is pretty weird… sounds about right

  3. Cock Dr

    How awful that your husband finds you so compellingly attractive that he wants to have sex with you all the time.
    Now if he was obnoxious whiney bitch-boy about it that’s a different matter.
    Team David. People need sex.
    If you’re married & the partner wants sex, give it to them. It will make the world a happier place.

  4. shithead

    2nd. too much sex? She must be like a dead fish in bed.

  5. shithead

    damn u cock doc

  6. Courteney Cox David Arquette
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    “Smells like…botox and tanning lotion. Oh god, she’s behind me isn’t she?!”

  7. Deacon Jones

    He was probably all amped up on nose butter.

    I used to ….., nevermind

  8. Richard McBeef

    So not only is she an insufferable bitch, but her pussy dried up too? Arquette, you dodged a bullet here.

  9. A married woman who doesn’t want to put out? What a fucking news flash.

    • Peregrine John

      “She takes one sort of thing and she clumps it [and says] that’s what happens all the time in our relationship. It’s not really true.”

      So she’s a woman. No surprise.

      She’s proud to have a pathetic excuse for a libido, and regards her husband as a lesser creature for being male. So she’s a married American woman. Also known.

      • That or she just didn’t feel like having sex and shouldn’t have to if she doesn’t want to. Just because sexual urges are natural and important doesn’t mean that your partner has to fuck every time you want to.

      • Jon and Kate Plus Hate

        Matrim fails reading comprehension. She cut off all sex. period. Every man can survive for a while on some sex, very few can survive no sex.

  10. I’m calling these guys out! This goes out to @Rican, @K Soze, @inmate.
    You guys were defending Courtney Cox and saying how great it is to be with a 40 plus older women and us younger guys didn’t know what we were talking about. Well look what your 40 year old woman gets you. No sex and bitching and complaining. Maybe us young guys know something after all. I think I will stick with the young skanks, thank you very much.

  11. Tony

    She’s hot but if she’s frigid, forget it. He’s got enough fame and money to find some dumb skank from Oaklahoma to give him what he needs.

    • Deacon Jones

      Most white, American chicks are frigid. Especially the rich ones.

      I didnt realize how much so until I started traveling. The only women that top us in “cuntiness” are the Brits.

      • Ron Burgundy

        Brown women FTW!

      • spew

        Brits may have cuntiness but they sure like to fuck a lot. They’re way easier than the Americans, given that the brit boys are always together getting drunk and grabbing each other’s balls.

    • “Honey? I’m going to a conference next week in the US. Where? Uh, Oklahoma… why do you ask?”

  12. She’s so tiny when she’s standing next to him, like in this picture. He probably cracked her in half.

  13. just-this-guy

    Too much sex? Is there such a concept?

  14. Ed

    Her dad died 10 years ago and she’s still bitching that DA didn’t console her enough? Damn chicks never forget, never forgive.

    • Cowboy Bertram

      There is nothing better than an emotional woman letting it all come out as a sexual release.

      Make-up sex? Commonplace, but hot.

      Angry sex? Good for whatever is ailing her psyche.

      Death sex? The boy is a winner.

  15. Courteney Cox David Arquette
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    In other words, he wanted it once or more. Every night for her must have been like fighting off the sophisticated advances of a 4th grader.

  16. Courteney Cox David Arquette
    Cock Dr
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    So all that MLF bikini hotness is a frigid farce. How sad for everyone involved.

  17. Well, this confirms David Arquette has a pulse. I wasn’t sure for a while.

  18. Bringbackbabalu

    My respect for Arquette just skyrocketed, he should be better off now. I never really liked Cox anyway, I bet Jen Aniston puts out like a trooper! Just look at her nipples.Arquette should go get with someone that puts out. I mean they were married for christ sakes, what good is a wife that doesn’t even take care of her man! Pathetic!!

  19. Courteney Cox David Arquette
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    Arquette, seen in this photo, both literally and metaphorically leaving Cox behind.

    Arquette was later heard to say “you know, for someone named Cox, she sure doesn’t like them much”

  20. ezra97

    Amazing that this story amps up when he’s got a movie coming out and her show is on the bubble for renewal… Amazing indeed.

  21. j-sin

    Howard Stern as marriage counselor. Hilarious.

  22. DOucHe BaGELs

    So basically David Arquette loves Cox……….get it?

  23. RP McGillicudy

    I’m guessing since it doesn’t get used she’s got a huge Demi Moore style bush.

  24. Courteney Cox David Arquette
    The Most Interesting
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    This is not the face of a woman who’s gone without dick for too long.

    Cox, on the other hand, just looks Botoxed.

  25. Something tells me that Courtney Cox has a Popsicle where her clit should be.

  26. Crabby Old Guy

    Hell, if I was her husband, I wound have bent her over her father’s casket and done her at the memorial service. Then again, maybe I’m not quite in touch with my “feminine side”.

  27. His goatee makes him look like the guy from the “Dick in a Box” video.

  28. lady

    Uh, everyone can see what he looks like, right? No real mystery why Mr Fivehead ain’t getting any. I bet she has a guy on the side.

  29. SweepTheLeg

    Everyone seems to be misreading her quote about the dad dying thing… she is clarifying that while David’s sexual desires did often supersede his efforts to comfort or console her, he was “NEVER” so base as to say something to the effect of “sorry your dad is dying, can we fuck?”
    But I agree, she is foolishly bitching about a problem I know my ex-wife wishes we had… because frankly… I was just tired of fucking that.

  30. JokeADay

    So what!! He gets turned on by “stiff” people.

    Get it…”Stiff” people? Ahhhh…screw it.

  31. RoyT

    She is just showing her age; middle age (and older) women don’t like to have sex. Trust me gents, 20+ years into marriage all you get is a bar of soap in the shower… (yes it sucks getting old).

    • JoJojojo

      Whatever, I’m 41 and I have a huge sex drive. I thought I’d reached my peak in my 30s but it just keeps on going. Don’t clump all women into one sexless ball, RoyT. Enjoy your shower while my husband of 17+ years enjoys me. Suckah!

      Courtney seems to be humourless, joyless and sexless. I don’t recall any pictures of her laughing happily. Less botox, more penis and giggles, lady.

    • gigi

      I love how proud & wrong that statement is… RoyT are you kidding??? have you even read a biology book?? from like 37-50+ women are ::H.O.R.N.Y:: and they’ve finally become comfortable with their bodies to just go for it. JoJojojo hit it on the head with CC too… she seems antiseptic.

  32. kirby


    yep, girls never forget nor do they really forgive. Courtney cox is apparently a frigid bitch. you can probably conclude that all of her future B.F.’s like to tug the whistler.

  33. Irish Eyes


  34. socool

    Courtney, take a peek down at your body for a minute. Every guy in the entire world would wanna bang you 24×7 honey. Now that you got fake boobies your even hotter!

  35. Robert Acquafresca

    I got married years ago so my friends would stop making fun of me for not being able to get laid. Now I have an excuse.

    Women are cunts and anyone who wants a 40 yr old prude bitch can have mine.

    If I could get away with it, Id never date a girl over 21 again.

    Why anyone would want to be married is beyond me but atleast my pathetic life is not in public. Arquette has to feel humiliated no matter how goofy he is. We know his wife cant feel anything so it does not matter to her.

    • chamir

      What, the wife doesn’t want to fuck you?? Shocking! You think it might have anything to do with the fact you refer to her as a prude bitch and make whiny jackoff statements like “women are cunts”?? I’ll let you in on a little secret, she’s not fucking you because you disgust her, not because she’s a prude or a cunt … she’d probably LOVE to fuck – just not with you.

  36. Brobama

    And she’s a lead character in a show called Cougar town? The irony.

    • Jon and Kate Plus Hate

      I forgot about that, Let’s start a class action suite for Fraud !!! Whose with me?!!! any lawyers out there?

  37. Woody Long

    David ,
    Buy some roofies and get her loaded . Then make a video of the wanton , animal sex and put it on the web for us

  38. jw

    Dudes – he got a hard-on for the Cox! Was I the first person who saw that, or what? SCORE

    • jw

      Upon more careful reading, I realize that DOucHe BaGELs got there first. I retract my earlier statement, with apologies.

  39. the captain

    ………….blame her mid life crises, folks!!

  40. Courteney Cox David Arquette
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    Man, I can’t fault the guy… I’d stick my cock in Cox any chance I got too! Look between her legs, you can see air/light right at the bottom of that delightful triangle of pleasure. Courtney, call me. We’ll do lunch, then I’ll do you. Let’s try the hat trick!

  41. Man, I can’t fault the guy… I’d stick my cock in Cox any chance I got too! Look between her legs, you can see air/light right at the bottom of that delightful triangle of pleasure. Courtney, call me. We’ll do lunch, then I’ll do you. Let’s try the hat trick! I’d ride her with wreckless abandon, staring into those blue eyes.

  42. Courteney Cox David Arquette
    Ram Punchington
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    Courteney Cox: ‘David Wanted Sex Too Much’

    Yeah, so much he couldn’t be bothered to do up his pants.
    Shoot these two out of a cannon, please.

    Punchington Out

  43. wednesday

    But somehow the only thing i got out of this was that her dad’s name is Dick Cox.

  44. Courteney Cox David Arquette
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    Hence her last name……COX! Hell, no woman her age likes sex any way. Any chick over the age of 40 could care less about sex.

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