BREAKING: Courteney Cox’s Breasts Still Look Like This

For those of you who came here to find out what’s involved in the editorial process of a reputable journalistic organization, congratulations, you’re terrible at research. We really can’t stress enough that we’re a few base pairs* from being apes jumping up and down on our computer chairs, pointing wildly, and screeching “TITS!” That’s such a perfect characterization of what makes the cut for a post, that I know all I have to say now is Rachel’s also in here putting her face right next to them and BAM, you’re right into the gallery. So, enjoy looking at Courteney Cox’s fifty-year-old boobs, because she’s that lady I remember from a 90’s show and terrible Elvis movie and not because I have to go pick bugs out of Fish’s hair. He bites when he’s irritable.

*Orphan Black is the only reason I’m familiar with and almost certainly misusing the term “base pairs.”

Photo: Fame/Flynet, Getty, Roger/AKM-GSI