Courtney Stodden’s New Single Sexily Sashays Onto Store Shelves (I Hate Myself)

Posted by Photo Boy

Since we now exist in a reality that includes Lindsay Lohan method-acting her Lifetime network role as Elizabeth Taylor, Octomom getting paid to flick the bean and Kim Kardashian as a possible mayoral candidate, why not toss Courtney Stodden’s music career into the mix, effectively flicking a lit match onto the whole gasoline soaked pile of what used to be American culture. Radar has the story of how a vacuous brain-washed pseudo-child can become famous in this country for saying things like “I’m really excited about the new song. I’m working with a couple of really sexy producers!”:

The 17-year-old Teen Bride has released her newest song, which she says is all about lust!

Holy Cow!! Honestly though, who knows more about lust than an old transvestite lady pretending to be a kid married to what is ostensibly a clever child predator who happened to find a loophole in those pesky laws attempting to prevent pedophilia? Oh no, I think I just back-doored myself (Fellas? Ladies?) into a logical explanation of why this song makes perfect sense. EJECT!

Photo: Splash News