Corinne Bailey Rae’s husband is dead

The 31-year-old husband of Grammy Award winning musician Corinne Bailey Rae, Jason Rae, was found dead Saturday in a London flat of a suspected drug overdose. E! Online reports:

According to British media reports, police have arrested an unidentified 32-year-old man for allegedly “supplying controlled substances.” He was subsequently released on bail … No word on his more famous wife’s whereabouts or whether she was with him when he died. An autopsy was inconclusive and police are currently waiting on the results of toxicology tests before making a final determination on cause of death.

I’m not waiting for the toxicology results, I’m just gonna call it: this was a drug overdose. I probably should’ve used a picture of the guy but, let’s be honest, most of you probably don’t even recognize his way more famous wife Corinne. And yeah, I could probably be a little more sympathetic, but it’s not like the guy got hit by a truck while pushing a little girl out of the way. Overdosing on drugs is about as tragic as dying while trying to juggle handguns.

Photo: Getty Images