Corinne Olympios Slutty Halloween Costume of The Day

I’ve mentioned before that Corinne Olympios gives me the ickies. It’s not just because of the fact that her claim to fame comes from falsely accusing Demario Jackson of being a sexual predator on Bachelor in Paradise, only to later retract her statement after it became evident that she was fully lucid when she powerbombed her vagina into his face. Corinne is something else… She’s like that girl from high school who bragged about her boyfriend because he was “in college” (but still lived with his parents) and was old enough to buy booze.

These photos from the MAXIM halloween party on Saturday prove, once again, that Olympios is still as thirsty as ever and toting around Demario Jackson in an attempt to score free press by perpetuating dating rumors. (Oops, it worked.) Judging by this video however, it’s pretty evident that he hates her, and frankly, so do I…

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