Corinne Olympios: Fake Level ‘EWW’

Corinne Olympios was the catalyst for this year’s big Bachelor in Paradise’s PR stunt that involved possible “cast member misconduct” when she mixed booze and pills and sat on DeMario Jackson’s face on a pool deck. The episode has since aired and it’s become quite obvious that all the hubbub was just for ratings. I’ve said it before that the show has been deliberately punking America and I chalked Olympios to be just another savvy reality TV show personality capitalizing on her lack of integrity.

Last night paparazzi just happened to catch Corinne and DeMario outside a club to prove that there was no “bad blood” between them… despite her throwing DeMario under the rapist bus because she only cares about herself. The video below shows Corinne’s true self and it’s… it’s just yucky. The first time I watched her fake affection towards DeMario, the real victim in this whole ordeal, it made me cringe on a level I only thought Farrah Abraham could bring out of me… also she’s a really annoying drunk.

I’m not sure who I feel worse for, DeMario Jackson or the woman to the left who serves as drunk Corinne’s party lackey. Notice the glimmer of sadness in her eyes as she retrieves her cell phone from the asphalt for what was probably the 10th time that evening. That right there, folks is why you should never be friends with someone who makes a career of reality TV… unless Guy Fieri asks you to join him for thanksgiving in flavortown, that’s the one exception and a great story you can tell your grandkids.